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  1. huh, I didn't even know they had Macs on Amazon. Im going to check that out.
  2. Im also interested in recommendations. I have always been PC user but was thinking of buying a Mac....Im not too sure about a laptop as I already have a dell laptop that's getting old. I just wanted to get some ideas on where to get started.
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    Calling all Muse fans!

    They are a great band...absolution is a my fav album. Unfortunately most people I know never heard of them...
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    another mac hater site

    oh man..that is hilarious
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    9/11 isn't worth talking/thinking about

    well at least the conspiracy theories...
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    PuNk Re-UnIted

    I don't care whether they were punk or not..they made great music
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    Learn the truth about 9/11!

    Im sure the family of the diseased aren't over it.....Hell Im not over it... There weren't any bombs....Im sick of hearing about all these theories...The friggin terroists flew planes into buildings....and our government could of possibly prevented it from happening. As for George Bush I can't believe people voted him back in.....well as you said it he'll be gone soon..and the damage is already done.
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    Funny USB products...

    I want the desk lamp
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    To catch a Predator

    There no doubt that these people are mentally ill but the important thing is to keep them away from society. I think rehabilitation is nearly impossible for these people. They should be permanently institutionalized in my opinion.
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    the maddox iphone review. lol

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    Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

    lol..exactly how it sounds. But I agree with the comment that the songs sound better live.
  12. I hope this is the right forum for this.... Happy Birthday Slip Kid! Thanks for telling me about this cool message board. I hope you have a Great Day!