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  1. I've had a similar issue with a secondary display and it turned out to be that it had automatically set the wrong refresh rate (50Hz instead of 60Hz). You might be having a similar issue?
  2. Aergan

    GT610: is it working with Yosemite for you?

    I have a GT610 and a GT520 - both work very well under 10.10.3 using the official Nvidia drivers. HDMI @ 1080p, HDMI audio and DVI @ 1024x1280.
  3. Aergan


    As usual, many thanks Mieze
  4. Aergan

    Scrambled images with Maxwell's GPUs

    GTX 980 here, not having the same issue I'm afraid (or glad at least in my case)
  5. Two displays DVI-DP, 90 degree (portrait mode) and a HDMI 1080p display all working ok with my GTX 980. Unfortunately still no HDMI audio to speak of.
  6. Aergan

    USB Apple Keyboard Hanging bios?

    I've had similar issues with mine. A powered USB hub solves the underpowering issue (failing to detect the device itself) and setting UEFI/Fast Boot to USB: Full Initial solves hanging/failing to detect devices plugged into the KB (e.g Logitech Unifying receiver). It's worsened greatly if I use the Apple keyboard extension cable.
  7. Aergan

    Yosemite GTX 9xx/750/750 ti Compatibility Report

    Got my Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Editon yesterday. Had to reinstall OS X Yosemite as I was testing beta OS X updates before and it would not even let me get past a login screen with nv_disable=1. In the end, I had to use pacifist to install the web driver, reboot then do a normal installation over the top (fixed preference panel and loaded the Nvidia driver). So far I have 3x displays working: Samsung @ 1080p/60Hz (HDMI) Samsung @ 1024x1280/60Hz (DVI) Samsung @ 1024x1280/60Hz (DP -> DVI) So far, I cannot get HDMI audio to work. OS X version: 10.10.3 Using driver: 346.01.02f03 Clover version: 3202 I've tried with and without HDMIAudio.kext (which I didn't need for my GT610 but did for my former GTX 770) Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I would advise it. The Logitech Control Center breaks more things than it solves for me (Anywhere MX, NX80). When removing please ensure that you change any/all settings you have changed back to their defaults as when you remove it, it leaves a lot of settings (e.g. cursor sensitivity) settings in-place and really messes up other tools/utilities (including Apple's) government of cursor related options. The only real benefit to having the Logitech Control Center installed is for button 3 & 4 support (e.g. Back & Forward) but this can be easily remedied via other tools (e.g. BetterTouchTool) that can map 3F Swipe Left / Right or Internet Back and Internet Forward. Here's what I have mine set to which closely mimics how it behaves in Windows, Ubuntu & OpenSUSE for me: I also own an Apple Magic Mouse, the same settings don't make a great deal of difference (device is still horrible to use but is consistent outside of OS X as well).
  9. I'm using 1.0.10 on Yosemite 10.10.3 with my Logitech AnywhereMX. Without it I am forced to install the acursed Logitech packages to make the device usable.
  10. Working for me with 10.10.3 & 343.02.03b04 with an Nvidia GTX 770 2GB over HDMI. Pass-through is also working for Kodi (DTS, DTS-HD, DD5.1) to my Yamaha receiver also.
  11. Two options that cause issues with the Windows driver for the E2201 are ARP offload and NS offload but incorrectly are attributed to IPv6 or software managed QOS/Bandwidth limits.
  12. 1.0.1 has now resolved any issues I was having with my connection dropping, many thanks.
  13. Just wanted to say that my issues with losing network have all been resolved after the 10.10.1 update, definitely not an issue with the driver - many thanks.
  14. Aergan

    Help with FaceTime and iMessage

    As VirusX said, give Apple a ring - fixed mine.
  15. I was responding off topic to Yosemite getting stuck after an upgrade, nothing to do with the network driver.