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  1. Tried few tutorials already and non of tjem worked.. either the gparted part didnt work or another one i tried i acctually got it partition but then mac formated the whole drive.. is there a tutorial that works from step 1 to the end? that would be really sweet. please help .
  2. I dont see Bootcamp so how can i now install XP .. i tried orignaly but the install formatted my whole HD .., can i install XP after i installed Leopard? thanks
  3. I got this wireless card BCM94311 and i seen alot of people got this card to work .. i cant get it to work i tried editing the kexts etc. any ideas
  4. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    i got the same issue .. it thinks its regular internet card not wireless and after i reboot it wont work anymore any ideas??? its broadcom
  5. Can't Install Photoshop CS3

    OK i tried two versions now and they install fine.. when i try running. they crash.. when i try to patch them. they say file cannot be patched even though the files came with it.. hmm anyone know any solutions
  6. I seccesfully updated to 10.4.9 .. how do i now update to 10.4.10? it says that the combo wont work? i only see that on the apple site? please let me know i am fairly new to this
  7. 945GZ intel chip .. built in audio dosent work

    alright i did some research and all i could find was Intel® High Definition (HD) Audio i couldnt find anything in the manual.. i attached the pdf just in case anyone wants to peek lg_95z_lg_95c.pdf
  8. I got this <li>Intel® 945GZ / Intel® ICH7 Express Chipsetand for the audio it says On board HD 7.1CH Audio CODEC i got the video card working wondefully and ethernet works fine.. my delta 44 isnt working .. so i am trying to get the built in one working ..no luck