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    HP Elite X2 1012

    Hi madmac007, tell me what is your experience with this last BIOS version 1.33? is there any issue with it, comparing with older one? I am still on v1.19, and afraid to get in possible troubles with newer one. also, 1 question for all regarding touch screen - I have single-touch with starting kext, but no multi-touch with last proposed kext. what can be a problem? I just installed all kexts and things (no manually patching) following instructions, and all the things work correct except MT, and no detected external mic and headphones. any idea/advice?
  2. Ender28

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    Thanx midi for your prompt answers and advices. I was playing and trying some things, with next results: - reading some other posts, I supposed problem with Wacom was in GenericUSBXHCI.kext or something related to USB. problem was maybe in version of this kext (proven version is 1.2.8d9), or in config.plist settings - see Clover Configurator -> Boot -> check 'gux_defer_usb2' - or both of them. Anyhow, after installing above mentioned version of Generic… and set 'gux_defer…', everything became o.k. pen is working OOB, only need Wacom pentablet driver for calibrating. maybe this can be useful for someone with same issue. - BT - still nothing. tried your instructions, and also tried to install this kext in S/L/E (with KextWizzard), and also tried to put it in EFI partition in kext/others folders - no luck. System does not load it, and there is no Bluetooth in System Prefs. In System Information, I can see under USB device tree 'Bluetooth HCI' and Product ID: 0x3002, Vendor ID: 0x04ca - Lite-On Technology Corp. Any idea? and, just to say - it's not weird tablet, with your help and some work it is becoming pretty nice functional and useful tablet/laptop whatsoever. one clarification - under name of this model XE700T1C, there are versions also with Atom processor. mine is XE700T1C-A03SA, and this version is with i3 proc and no 3G and 64 GB mSATA - for middle east market (saudi arabia, emirates…), where I already bought it.
  3. Ender28

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    I forget to ask for one thing - system startup takes 17-20 sec, but restart or shutdown is too long. o.k. SSD inside is SanDisk U100, it is not speed champion… what is situation with your Samsung?
  4. Ender28

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    Hi guys, first of all - big thanx to Midi for this clear and comprehensive guide, and also thanx to all others involved and taking part in this awesome project. following this guide (with some small modifications), I succeed to get working Yosemite on my Samsung Ativ XE700T1C-03SA - my version came with i3 proc (1.8 GHz), 64 GB mSATA, no 3G - all other specs are the same as yours, I believe. I exchanged combo wi-fi/BT card with combo compatible card Atheros AR5B195. Now, almost all things are working (sound, mic, brightness, wi-fi, battery), but next things are still not in function: - installed Wacom driver, but in Sys Preferences is a message that not found Wacom compatible device.Tried with 2 different version of Wacom driver (Bamboo tablet of course), no success. I can remember before few months I succeed in that way with another guide (from www.reddit.com), I mean I could use s-pen and make a drawings in a SketchBook application. maybe some kexts are problem or so? - Bluetooth - anybody had success with it? or maybe I am wrong in some step in procedure? or something additional has to be done? any link? also, few months before I had so-so success with BT following same guide as I mentioned above. seems that this card has a problematic BT chip, or issue is with not adequate kexts. - sleep is not working as I expected, but I can not claim definitely, still testing. Another thing to mention - started GeekBench 4, and got next results (to remind - i3 proc-3217U): - single core - 1819 - multi core - 3114 are these results o.k. or it can be better? any opinion/feedbac/advice? Thanx.