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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Gigamaxx in Mojave Grey Screen then goes back to Apple logo   
    Turns out my installation was just bugged, reinstalling fixed it. Mojave looks real nice guys!
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Gigamaxx in Mojave Grey Screen then goes back to Apple logo   
    Turns out my installation was just bugged, reinstalling fixed it. Mojave looks real nice guys!
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from geekingoff in Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform   
    Fair enough, well done making it work.
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    0000-1248 reacted to geekingoff in Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform   
    The laptop is from 2005, so about 12 (probably near 13) years old. Actually, it came pre-installed with XP and it was surprisingly snappy.
    I actually just tried installing Leopard and it installed with no problems! It is surprisingly fast, but Leopard can even run on a 867MHz G4, so that's not too much of a surprise - I'm just not sure what is faster... A 1.2GHz Pentium M or an 867MHz G4. During the installation of Leopard, I noticed some kexts were available for it (I think patched AppleACPIPlatform + AppleAPIC). Of course they're for Leopard, but AppleACPIPlatform is the exact kext I had issues with, so just out of curiosity, I put them on the SL installer, and I'm seeing what happens right now.
    Thank you very much for the advice!
    I'm actually not going to be using this machine at all for everyday use, although it would be pretty awesome to do some basic stuff on it. I have many modern computers, including a triple boot (Windows 7 Ultimate, Ubuntu, and macOS Sierra) Hackintosh laptop with an i3-6100U, 128GB SSD, and 8GB RAM. I also have a 27" 2011 iMac, and a gaming PC that I plan on making a Hackintosh as well. Here's the reason why I want to do this: It's a 7" "laptop" that is really a UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer). I got the idea that it would be super cool to run OS X on such a small machine. Here, I attached two pictures, one with a DVD on the keyboard to give you an idea of how small this now Hackintosh is.
    Thanks for the reply!

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    0000-1248 reacted to Hervé in Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform   
    SL 10.6 is really not suitable for this platform. Leopard 10.5 would be a better choice although I still have doubts about any likely support for this ancient chipset and graphics chip: it's got ICH4-M I/O controller + Extreme 2 graphics... Maybe Tiger, but really, what's the point?
    I have Leopard running perfectly on a 2005 Pentium M platform but it's fitted with the 915GM chipset (i.e. GMA900), not one of its predecessors such as yours. I could never get SL to run 100% properly on it and, God!, have I tried hard... Always had trouble with the ICH6-M controller in IDE mode at installation and, of course, no support for GMA900. I'm pretty sure you have Zero (0) chance to run SL on that dinosaur.
    I don't want to ruin your high hopes but this laptop of yours is just what it is: very very old and totally obsolete. It's what, 15years old or so? You would hardly be able to run Win XP on it...
    My advise is not to waste any time on this.
    With regards to your comparison between booting the installer vs. the installed OS and your subsequent expectations, please note that the installer boots on a very minimal set of drivers. The installed OS boots with a very different setup.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Allan in help me with my asus gl   
    We can certainly help, but you're going to have to be a bit more specific about what the issue is.
    The latest revision of Clover can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/
    You will need nVidia Web Drivers for your 1050, and Intel HD 630 can be made to work with the various patches around the place.
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    0000-1248 reacted to cecekpawon in Computer Name Generator   
    These actually gave me some ideas for my next setup (hope 10.13): ZLOVERINE (stand for Ozmosis, Clover & Alpine). Thanks for sharing
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from elisenoir in Earrly reboot 10.9.5   
    Yeah sorry my friend seeing as the 750 Ti is a Maxwell Card rather than the typical 7xx series Kepler architecture it is not compatible with OS X Mavericks. Maxwell support was introduced in 10.10 Yosemite, so if you want to run your computer with full GPU performance you will have to run 10.10 or above.
    Unless you get yourself a Kepler GPU or one of the 7000 series AMD cards (includes R9 2xx rebrand) you will not be able to run Mavericks.
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    0000-1248 reacted to ricoc90 in Show Your OS X Desktop!   
    I've been playing around a little  

    icons: https://synth.agency/lab/flat-osx/
    Wallpaper: https://newevolutiondesigns.com/25-hd-polygon-wallpapers
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    0000-1248 reacted to bh2 in Show Your OS X Desktop!   

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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Oschły in BitTorent alternative   
    I use utorrent on windows, however I agree with Oschly, you can't go wrong with transmission on OS X.
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    0000-1248 reacted to Allan in 970 gtx automatic resolution   
    You need edit your config.plist (EFI/CLOVER/config.plist), and save it.
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    0000-1248 reacted to surfinchina in Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra   
    Build is taking shape
    The vega waterblock from EK turned up today, necessitating a half day of actual work and the other half doing hardware stuff.
    I get these bits to make my work quicker and spend it all playing

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    0000-1248 reacted to JaS in Where to get Tiger ten years later?   
    Glad to hear it's still getting some use
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    0000-1248 reacted to Hervé in Installing Mavericks on Asus X551MA   
    Don't waste your time; OS X has no native support for BayTrail platforms and no support whatsoever for BayTrail graphics. This Asus of yours is not suitable for Hackintoshing purposes.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from TUFF Stough in New Graphic Card on Old Mobo   
    There is a tutorial on the site which must not be named. You can find it if you google "GT 210 HDMI Audio" and it is the first one that pops up. Try that and see if it works. Just don't discuss the site here.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from AppleBytes in How to get a GT 730 fully functioning?   
    Combo is safe, you need to reinstall drivers and probably AMD kernel after upgrade.
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    0000-1248 reacted to kikohernandez92 in Show Your OS X Desktop!   
    One of the projects I'm most proud of:
    Acer Aspire 4738 HackBook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12 - updated to 10.12.5)
    Core i3 370M @ 2.40 GHz
    4GB DDR3 1066 MHz RAM
    1st Gen Arrandale Intel HD Graphics Full QE/CI
    512GB Crucial SSD 

    Wallpaper: Photo by me
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    0000-1248 reacted to Slice in APPLE STORE FIX STEP BY STEP   
    This is obsolete instruction for Mavericks under Chameleon. No big news, no new ideas.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Whosondephone in Do mac cards work on PC or in osx86?   
    I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Probably a bad card. As long as the drivers are right (perhaps this is the problem? I don't know whether you can get proper drivers for Mac cards on Windows) it should work; it's pretty much the same as a normal card except for probably the vBIOS. You could always try flashing a PC vBIOS onto it. Just make a backup first.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from AppleBytes in Anyone on an A6-7470K successful?   
    It isn't working because you aren't using the AMD Kernel. You can find the appropriate AMD kernel for your version of Mac OS X here.
    Rename it to mach_kernel and put it on your root directory.
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    0000-1248 reacted to chris1111 in Low profile Sierra card   
    You can see that guide here  http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312656-guide-macos-sierra-1012-dell-optiplex-780-760-755-790-990/
    For me I am used ATI Radeon HD 5450 2gig  see my Signature
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    0000-1248 reacted to AppleBytes in Anyone on an A6-7470K successful?   
    Thanks for the reply, 0000-1248 !
    Yep. I imagined a reinstall of Chameleon would do the trick. So I grabbed the latest version && performed a reinstall (upgrade, as Chameleon puts it).
    Anyway. The (re)install went to the last bit, and when finished. Said it failed, and suggested trying again. So I did; again, and again, and...
    Long story short; I gave up on Chameleon, and let Clover do it's deed. Following that, I sent
    diskutil list
    which returned a $hitload of additional partitions!
    Well. Guess it's time to start the entire process over again. But not using Chameleon for the bootloading!
    Thanks again, 0000-1248 for taking the time to reply -- greatly appreciated!
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from AppleBytes in Anyone on an A6-7470K successful?   
    You haven't installed Chameleon properly. The cause of this is either:
    1. You installed Chameleon improperly (which is to say you didn't copy the right bootx files)
    2. You have had OS X on that HDD before, but it has been formatted and the motherboard is not booting from your USB properly.
    To solve option one you simply need to reinstall Chameleon with the installer pkg found here
    To solve option two you must reformat your USB with MBR and install Chameleon from there.
    Try the first solution before the second.
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    0000-1248 got a reaction from Badruzeus in Cannot Boot Normally Or Change Resolution   
    Buddy, the 750 ti is a Maxwell based GPU, and Maxwell support was introduced in Yosemite and up. Consequently you will not be able to boot without nv_disable=1 (I have dealt with this problem myself with my 960.)
    Update to 10.10 or higher and you will have no problems.
    - Matt