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About Me

I live in Brisbane, Australia.

Studying Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering/Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Queensland.

Hackintoshing is what got me in to computers way back in 2011. It sparked an interest in these things for me that will never disappear.


My first Hackintosh, back in 2011:

Lenovo G560 (unfortunately now deceased)

i3-350M - Intel HD 1st gen - 4GB DDR3 - Mac OS X 10.6.3-10.6.6 - Chameleon 2.1 svn


I built my first computer and used it as a Hackintosh on boxing day 2013, and these were its specs at the time:

i7-4770K - Z87X-UD3H - Intel HD 4600 - 8GB DDR3 - OS X 10.9.1-10.9.5 - Chameleon to start, then Clover

I still use this as my main machine, see my sig for updated details.


My favourite version of Mac OS X would have to be Snow Leopard (that's the one I started with) or Mavericks (that's what I installed on my first self-built computer).


Right now I use Linux on most of my computers; macOS in recent years has kind of lost its charm for me.