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    I see it's been a while and it was only me who posted, but anyways, here some updates: http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/Your-Youth-155634203 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/3FM-SERIO...QUEST-147177919 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/Hole-140333118 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/She-is-140184584 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/Soul-121944633 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/Boss-121944507 http://jurryt.deviantart.com/art/Crisis-110549857
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  3. Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    CHECK my new website! http://www.jurgt.nl/ and new work =)
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    Again 1 of mine. This one is done for a contest. Check Contest to click me! I'd ofcourse appreciate if you'd vote for me, haha :censored2: Theme: "Apocalyptic Christmas" The cost of living is up, our savings are gone, our jobs are at risk and the economy is in free-fall. Now all we need is a seasonal greeting card to match! My input: "Let's Just Think" The crisis is overwhelming everyone, the rich, the poor and the average guy. I wanted to capture the emotion this crisis brings with it. The guy is thinking how he can live with no money anymore. This year, we’re going to skip Christmas. This year, we’re going to think about a better future and how to solve the problems we have now Link to my DA here Enjoy, thanks! Cheers, Jurryt jurgt.nl
  5. Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    hehe, we can talk about that
  6. Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    CTRL+U in photoshop. (or first select the places you want to 'saturate' or give another 'hue'. then CTRL+U) good luck
  7. Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    lol, you 'need' it for your desktop, or you'd like to have it for you desktop? cheers. I can do that, but I wont. I will not 'copy' others work. The current size is too small to make it high quality larger, unless someone redoes it in illustrator. That's also a quite a lot to ask, lol.
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    YAY! check first post... Finally some updates!
  9. Devices

    Hi there, Well, I got my hackintosh now for about 5 months, and it's rather good. Though there are some things that are really annoying me. First off; Only my mouse and sound USB device work. When I put, let's say, an external Hard dDisk in, it doesn't work. It seems not to make any contact with the computer. Also; when I dismissmy mouse from the computer now, and put it back it, it won't work, I need to reboot to make it work. Anyone here that could help me fix this? Now were are here also; If I can't get it to work, how do I uninstall my hackintosh. It seems the XP disk can't change the partitions to windows again.. thanks in advance
  10. Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    thanks, Deim; Fair enough. I will not make these ones better, but make the new ones better.
  11. uninstall

    no one? sorry for bump
  12. uninstall

    then it says 'can't find any windows discs' or something like that, since I had to change the disc format to Mac. When I change it to DOS, it still won't work. I know there is a programm to change it, put I've lost the name.
  13. uninstall

    Hi there, I´ve been working on my PC mac for quite a while, but figured out I prefer have a PC laptop (apple desktop). Now since my laptop is Uphuck 10.4.9 I wanted to know how to uninstall it and install windows again. Since the discs are partitionate for mac, not PC. Can anyone help me with this? thanks Jurryt Visser http://www.jurgt.nl/
  14. website.

    Gave a 0, just because inimicus said, can't load the site. At least not in a proper way. + I don't see any designy in it, and I dislike the ads.