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  1. Strong iPhone Sales in France

    I'm sure overall mac sales are similar between the countries too. Macs are still thought of as overpriced, underpowered computers with hardly any software, and absolutely no gaming possibilities. Of course, you and I both know that this is not true in any way, shape or form. Apple needs to bring out some better Get A Mac ads for the UK, the whole campaign didn't work because it wasn't really tailored to the british psyche.
  2. I was thinking that... I don't see the point of a sub-notebook to be honest. If it's 13.3 inches diagonally, it being slightly thinner than a macbook isn't going to make any difference to usability. 13.3 inches is too big to hold in your hands anyway, so it's not going to be a big iPhone... Sub-notebook would be more like double iPhone size, but even so, you'll have to carry it in a bag - not in your pocket. And you can fit an ordinary macbook in a bag... I don't think apple are making a sub-notebook...
  3. Unlocked iPhones from T-Mobile!

    I don't see what's wrong with charging that much. The reality is that you'll get a better deal if you go with the carrier that apple have chosen. Why do you think they chose ONE exclusive carrier in each country it's released in?
  4. Has anyone else attached their mac to a TV using an S-Video out cable? I linked mine to my TV earlier, had a play with Front Row, and Movies just don't work for some reason... the sound is fine and i can scroll through the movie, but there's no picture. Any ideas anyone?
  5. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    Thanks for that, but I don't intend on editing my post. I really pity people like you.
  6. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    My point is that OS X is only designed to work on Apple hardware for a few very good reasons. 1. Simplicity 2. Compatibility 3. Continuation of design Not that I want to sound like an Apple ad, but Macs do just work out of the box. I've never had to download or install any additional drivers to get my printers/scanners/cameras/external drives to work with my mac. They just work. Also, Apple are a very design-led company. Macs look great. You show me a manufacturer that makes computers with half the design, class, and functionality that apple do. Continuation of design is therefore very important to apple. Believe me, it is a very good thing that apple limit OSX to only run on Apple hardware.
  7. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    Yeah funny that, how Apple makes OS X and makes the hardware to go along with it... Very strange... Tell you what else is strange, how it's illegal to run OS X on anything which isn't genuine apple hardware. Isn't that odd. Oh by the way I'm being sarcastic.
  8. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    Dude, what are you like 12 years old? People often refer to a computer running windows as a PC. This does not mean they are calling it a personal computer based around a microprocessor, blah blah blah. It just means windows-running computer (99% of the time). People refer to a Mac as a computer that Apple Inc. manufactures. If you had a MacBook, and just ran windows on it, it would still be a Mac. If you run OSX on a computer that Apple Inc. do not manufacture, then that is a PC running OSX. When we say Macs are better than PCs we mean computers manufactured by Apple Inc. are the best on the market, and are better (for a variety of reasons) than another computer running Windows. I don't know why I feel the need to educate people...
  9. Easily Recognize Stacks!

    Works pretty well, looks cool too. Also, you don't have to do the whole terminal thing, the "date modified" is already set to 2010.
  10. 3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    They're quite funny! It's odd, the Get A Mac advertising campaign didn't really work at all over here in the UK. Mitchell and Webb did them. Mac just seemed like a {censored}, so everyone sided with PC.
  11. iPod Touch/iPhone ScreenShots

    I've got 13 games, and I only ever play Halo 3. I use it to pay DVD's sometimes, but I'm just gonna use an S-Video to component cable and use my Pbook. Much better! At? Or with? Hmm?
  12. iPhone 1.1.2 Tomorrow?

    Does anyone know why Apple is releasing the iPhone in the UK at 6:02pm? Maybe some symbolism to O2? hmm...
  13. I wish Game

    The blue aurora desktop is actually a magic eye picture (those old 3D pictures) of a donkey's butt. I wish I had enough money for an iPhone.
  14. FBI anti piracy commercial

    Lol, that's pretty funny! Yeah! Would have thought the americans would have got that, seeing as there was a laugh track! (Cheap shot I know )