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  1. For better H.264 playback and converting, I bought a leadtek nvidia GTS 250/ 1GB to replace 7300GT/ 256MB on my 975 xbx2 mobo. But the GTS250's performance and xbench ( quartz, openGL ) are little behind 7300gt I've tried EFI string, PC EFI v.10.5... the same. GTS 250 works fine, but slower than 7300gt... why?? I know the gts 250 is an upgraded 9800gtx Any idea? mobo: intel 975 xbx2 ram: 4GB OS: 10.6.1 by chameleon 2 RC3
  2. Xbox live vision under $40 out of box, no driver needed but no auto-focus it woks on my 64bit ichat with SL.
  3. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    this patch works on my xbx2 board, means my pata dvd drive works! Thanks for the info!!
  4. CPUS=1 Fix coming?

    For my acer tm 6291, after using a USB ethernet card, don't need to add cpus=1, it works with 2 cpus. that is an easy way i think. but still don't know why?
  5. 1) What partition format you choose? GUID or MBR ( master boot record ) ? 2) Can you see " press any key to enter startup options (5)" when reboot? press a key and you can do the cpus=1 again.
  6. It works! Thanks for big help. BTW, anyone made the acer 6291 lan work? Don't know the lan chip? 57xx?
  7. thanks a lot! I'll try it soon...
  8. Acer TravelMate 6291 Bios ( updated ): AHCI or IDE both freeze VGA: GMA950 SATA HD RAM: 2GB After booting with DVD, the curser becomes very slow and freeze every 5 sec, and it comes back for 5 min sometime. I pulled out the HD and install the 10.5.1 as a USB drive, after installing, the same, it freeze after reboot... Any suggestion? Thank you.
  9. Boot with x86 DVD again. use Disk Utility/ partition/ options/ Make sure use "Master boot record" If not, choose it and partition, then you have to install x86 again. Hope it will be helpful.