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  1. A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    Actually I fixed the problem with a .pkg installer that did all the tough stuff, but still it's intriguing that ATA is that slow (same here) Thank god I installed on VMWare.
  2. I know I'm gonna get a LOT of flak for writing this, but: Try Xbench. If the PD has higher results than your Q6600, you need to boot into Windows (OS X is too much of a wash here) and see. I don't see Natit hogging 50+% of idle CPU time, too. (Have you got MenuMeters? Good tool to check for idle usage)
  3. iPod "Classic" GUI

    Did Apple just throw user interface design into a water bucket? The split UI on the new iPods are hideous. And that's for someone who loves the OS X, Touch/iPhone interfaces. Heck, even the "hacked" 5.5G Classic firmware looks much better. Sorry, but this gen seems to be quite weak and in terms of UI alone, I'd get another player from a competitor ("Zorro" ) that looks gorgeous whatever way you spin it.
  4. Well, your Macbook still runs on integrated graphics, so OpenGL performance should be kind of poor. So I don't think that's it.
  5. Strictly preview IIRC. Try the forums- it's hard to explain, but disabling it might improve performance.
  6. After Effects final render does not invoke OpenGL. Beam Sync?
  7. Ohh... and I think I forgot 1 command line that was right before our eyes for so long... cpus=4
  8. Hmm... in BIOS turn everything related to C1 Halt (if I remember correctly), EIST and Speedstep off. Use platform=X86PC on boot. Freezer 7 should be alright for a Q6600 at stock. OSX should be highly optimized for Core 2s as is, because they were the only CPUs that Apple used. (FSB speeds and latency? If you have Windoze, download CPU-Z and see if anything's abnormal) Wanna try Nucleo? 4GB is plentiful.
  9. To be honest, Win"doze" is better on certain apps (Maxwell Render, a very calculation intensive unbiased renderer, for one) What's interesting about the dual- Core 2 vs Quad- Core 2 figures is that dual vs quad issue is trivial, it's the improved optimizations of the CPU that help out the most. I seriously think it's something like Speedstep or EIST slowing the PC down with incorrect thermal/power management. Perhaps your cooling for the 6600 wasn't enough (these quad cores eat power and release heat quite crazily, which is the main reason I'm getting a Phenom instead) and it drops the clocks to ensure thermal consistency.
  10. I have a .pkg file that has Audio (AC97) + SATA + PATA (yes, all of them) + some ACPI stuff, originally for Acer systems. It's about 3MB and if you install it right and boot with an extra -f , everything works. It's a 1-click install on OS X. But because of big issues that need to be cleared first (e.g Ownership, I didn't make them and don't decide on stooping that low to publicly share without mention of author) I can't upload it here. http://bbs.pcbeta.com/viewthread.php?tid=199459 It's on the above link. You need to register and post *something* (simple tq note should do) to get all parts of the RAR. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Errr... Even two 2.4Ghz CPUs on the Core micro-architecture can *spank* 2 non-native 3.2Ghz CPUs on the Netburst m-architecture. Something else is wrecking it. Check preferences in After Effects- I think there's a choice for multiple *frame* rendering over 2 CPUs.
  12. The Next Mac Cat?

    Pussy. OS X needs all the media attention it can get.
  13. [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    Tried -v and logging down what happened? By the way, ray of hope: Google "2900GT" and see the good news. Hopefully we can get something from the BIOS.
  14. What`s yours favorite VST ?

    dBlue has a drum glitch? D= Well, my faves are NI Absynth 4, Battery (2), FM8 and dBlue Glitch. Massive doesn't fit in.
  15. Best Mac string synthesizers

    Tension from Ableton 7 is shaping up to be quite a nice string simulator. Too bad I haven't heard how it sounds though. One thing I must say- acoustic simulation, not sampling, works much better for string based stuff. Sampling is quite eeriy at times, even the Ivory (32GB) sampled piano doesn't really make you jump.