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  1. Ok Thanks again. I will try it for some days and see. I will also make a fresh install on another SSD, with your clover folder. I will post some updates. Have a nice day.
  2. Hi MaLdOn. So I just tried the update of AptioMemoryFix. The listing of all slides vales doesn't appear anymore, but I still have a warning message: AptioMemoryFix(R15) : starting \system\library\coreservices\ AMF: only 128/256 slide values are usable! Booting may fail Valid slides: 128-255 Can it work this way or any change to make? Thanks once again !
  3. Hello MaLdOn. So I tried with the files you sent me. I had to make a java update too, it asked for.. I don't know why exactly. Before that, usb 3.0 was not working, but now it does. I still have the problem with memory allocation when booting. I join a screenshot, maybe it can be useful. Thanks again for the time you spend for all of us ! Send me Lorenzs-iMac.zip Vboot.zip
  4. Thanks a lot ! I will try this tomorrow and I 'll let you know. Thanks again for answering so fast !
  5. Hello Maldon. I am Lorenzo, from France, we spoke some month ago about a z97 Asus model, and I told I was about to buy a b250 MSI Mortar. So I got, a bit later than I expected, but it is done now. So I installed with your method, without DSDT or SSDT. Everything seems to work perfectly, except the USB 3.0 front port, which doesn’t recognise a USB 3.0 device, but can read a USB 2.0. When I repair permissions and rebuild cache it works a time, well.. a day.. and then stops again. Do you think I need a dsdt ? I also had a problem with the last OsxAptionfixDrv, when booting, a listing of a lot of impossible allocated memory blocs appears, then a warning saying that it may not boot correctly.. The old version is working better, at least in my case. It this serious, doctor ? Thanks in advance ! Send me Lorenzs-iMac.zip
  6. Hehe thanks, and good luck ! :I Soon I ll receive a msi b250 mortar with an i5-7500, and I want to install Sierra.. It's gonna be a nice test to do. I will try your guide for 200 chipsets, and post when done.
  7. Hi MaLdOn. Sorry I have been out and busy the all day. So it works fine with layout ID 5 for sound. Everything seems to be ok. So finally I don't need any DSDT ?
  8. oh ok I got it ! I can't do that now, I'll try later and tell you. Thanks a lot.
  9. Ok just finished the new install with clover 4035. I changed clover EFI folder with yours, without dsdt, updated OSX, installed nvidia web driver, everything works, except the sound. The device is recognised , I can choose some options, but no sound.
  10. So I installed Clover v4035 on my system, and I replaced the folder you sent me. And still not boot, appears the forbidden sign after a while. I will try a fresh install, it is the best I think ! I will post when done.
  11. Ok, so I put the DSDT file in the USB before installation, right ? and what do you mean by full clover ?