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  1. amir1

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I really do not know what to do now, i can't hear any sound. However I can play with the volume adjustment and i see the output in the settings, but no sound from laptop speakers or external speackers or headphones.... grrr.... im going crazyyyyyyy
  2. amir1

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I have the alc262, when i configure everything, I see the option for output, and i can play with adjusting the volume up and down, but i can not get any sound out of any speakers, on board laptop speakers, headphones etc. please guys help me out, is there something else i have to adjust???
  3. amir1

    Solution for Realtek ALC262

    Hey guys, I followed the intructions, and now I got output option showing up in the settings, and i can turn up and down, but I can't hear anything out of my laptop speakers or if i plug in headphones, etc. Please help.