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  1. [Guide] Intel D945GCNL / Retail 10.5

    Super! thanks a lot Noise. I will report back on how it goes.
  2. [Guide] Intel D945GCNL / Retail 10.5

    Thanks for the guide Noise, I have the same board Could you please repost the links to the files, rapid share is not allowing me to download the files as the files have been downloaded 10 times already!
  3. Doesn't work for me What does "repaired every devices" mean? Is that something I need to do or deleting the .plist does that for me? This is weird cause the mouse works alright....
  4. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    I have the exact same problem!! One thing though the apple bluetooth mouse works perfectly fine. I have installed Iatkos 10.5.4 and kalyway 10.5.2 both have the same problem. Methinks its some thing with the new aluminium keyboard update that I installed because it did work ok earlier, but I dunno really
  5. Oops my bad sorry 'bout that carpet.
  6. This update will not work on AMD and only works on intel Click Read the last part of the first post
  7. Thanks for condensing the other extremely long thread into this extremely concise one. I have installed over 3 times but can't get it to work with guid + efi_v80. The only thing that does not match the reponse vs input is: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1 fdisk answers: could not open MBR file /usr/standalone/i386/boot0: No such file or directory Enter 'help' for information fdisk: 1> the above underlined words dont come up rest after that does... hope that gives you a clue... I have managed to install via the kalyway 10.5.1 using mbr and vanilla kernel. But i want the guid and efi_v80 if possible. thanks for your time reading this
  8. whats a good encoding program

    Well on the mac there is nothing better than 'compressor' which is a part FCS2
  9. New Mac Pros Announced on Jan 8 2008

    Apple will resolve the GPU Fiasco with a firmware upgrade for sure because, the 'older' Mac pro was where a lot of people switched to Macs and they don't want to attract the ire of ex-pc users, believe me cause they are a bitchy lot! Its really a simple firmware incompatibility issue. The ati card (2600xt) already has both the 32 bit and the 64 bit roms in it, and works fine on the new and the old mac pros. Only a matter of time I say lets give apple a bit of time. On a side note I think the mac pro cheese grater looks desperately needs an upgrade. Sweet machine inside though.Great VFM. Edit Steve Jobs reply on the 8800GT issue Click:
  10. New Mac Pros Announced on Jan 8 2008

    I whole heartedly agree that the new Mac pros are great VFM...now....but just wait for a couple of months and they will not seem so. Intel always introduces the latest and the greatest through apple and apple won't change the prices for a pretty long time. But that not what will happen in the PC market and you will be able to build a hackintosh which will seem like quite a bargain in like six months from now. The hack macs are the reason why I got into macs in the first place and even though I have owned a MacPro Quad for over a year now (Exclusively Edit suite use) I was never into macs! Thank god for hackintosh (and all the wonderful people who enabled us). I am a mac convert but will never buy into un-upgradable {censored} that apple tries to shut us into. But having said that I still want the new Macpro
  11. Mac capture cards

    I am using a Hackintosh with a similar config as your signature. I have added a Blackmagic HD extreme card PCI-e and it works beautifully, no issues at all.
  12. The best case I have ever used is The new CoolerMaster Cosmos. Six fans and great handles super quiet with acoustic foam.It kinda looks very mac like cause of the brushed aluminum sides.
  13. FCS2 doesn't want to install

    could you please tell me what you did to get it to install and run correctly? thank you Edit:Problem solved With appleSmbios.kext and Eth0 configuration
  14. Final Cut Pro doesn't start

    Hey brother, could you please tell us how you sorted the problem out I am grappling with FCS2 on Leo for a longish time. Edit:Problem solved With appleSmbios.kext and Eth0 configuration.
  15. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 -9a581

    Why should we always boot into legacy mode? Is this ok for the system in the long run I am a little noobish on this... I have used legacy boot when I could'nt get the machine to boot normally Just want to increase my know how. Can i not add the legacy flag and still have a stable system? On a side note thanks for the guide it very concise and clear..