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  1. I got a bug with my clover reading my RAM. I have 16GB (2x8) Crucial DDR4 2133Mhz RAM. Clover will only report each stick as 4GB. When I manually set them to 8GB, only the first slot will report any RAM.
  2. I just upgraded to 10.11.2 and now the 2nd dimm isn't reporting any memory at all. Is it just me or are other people having the same issue too?
  3. Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    What's the difference between SSDTPrGen vs. the Skylake hardware sensors in FakeSMC.kext along with VoodooTSC...?
  4. It's ~15% better single threaded performance but ~30% worse multithreaded performance (per geek bench). At Microcenter the 6600k is $230, 6700k is $360 and 5820k is $320. So there is a huge price jump from i5 to i7 but a 5820k can be LESS than a 6700k. At Newegg the 5820k is $375 and the 6700k is out of stock but I recall it being 3xx. So the 6700k and the 5820k are just too close in price. If someone needs the extra multithreaded performance then the 5820k is clearly superior. The only reason to get the 6700k is if energy usage matters as it's much more efficient.
  5. El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    To get audio working with the script you need to first inject the layout ID in clover and add the reset fix. To fix BIOS reset, enable AppleRTC in clover.
  6. I have an ASRock and I got ASRock tech support to get me a custom bios with the IOAPIC settings. Right now I have everything working besides USB 3.0/3.1 and ethernet (although no one has Intel NIC working right now anyways). So what I am saying is it kinda doesn't matter what motherboard brand you get because at this point they all work basically the same. IMO get one has all the physical features you want first and has a good selection of BIOS settings second. Pro-TIp all mobo run the same BIOS/UEFI (AMI Apito V) and the biggest difference is what settings are visible to the user between brands. Hence why everything works pretty much the same. Also, I'd skip the 6700k unless energy usage is an issue. The 5820k is a lot better at multi-tasked, hyper-threaded applications and the i5 is cheaper.
  7. Using serial from broken Mac Pro

    yes but you'd have to turn on the machine to get the info.
  8. El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    Also install VoodooTSCSync.kext and set IOCPUNumber to 3(i5) or 7(i7) For audio check out my thread, a guy posted how to fix it there.
  9. El Capitan on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    For sleep to work you need to add in the hardware sensor kext.
  10. The USB injector works but the problem is the devices always mount to HS and AppleLegacy.. never SS. This is with Pike Clover patch and Clover USB Inject. I am thinking if I was able to disable IO.. settings and/or enable xHCI in the bios and/or remove the clover inject patch, USB might work at 3.0 speeds.
  11. No difference on my system. Does your System Report read 5 GB/s for the USB 3.0 drive?