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  1. Followed the same instructions, the web driver loads the frame buffer and shows as GTX 1080, but no graphics acceleration. Can set 165Hz on the monitor, but no transparency/QE/CI. I believe the shift to Metal for the GUI on 10.13 means we'll need new drivers from nVidia to take advantage. Waiting patiently!
  2. USB drives always write slower than they read, it's the nature of how they work. I doubt that's any problem with the DSDT.
  3. Just wanted you to know, I've tested the 930 one with my P6TD and the previous hang at IOAPIC on boot has vanished on Mountain Lion! Super good work mate Now my machine is pretty much 100% vanilla besides FakeSMC.
  4. Hey all, So I bought an Atheros AR9380 from Ebay to put in my Hackintosh, as I recently got an Asus RT-N66U dual band router which can do 450Mb. The trouble I am having is, the 9380 is set to locale "ETSI" (Europe somewhere) with no country code, and goes to a maximum of channel 140. I would ideally like to get this working on channel 149 as this is the best to use in Australia (locale APAC with country code X1). My question is, after much searching on Google, is there a way to change the locale/country code? I have found no EEPROM tool which works with this adapter, and the rcu.exe which you can use in conjunction with Commview simply states it cannot be used and then bluescreens on exit in Windows. Is there another way or a tool which works to change the locale/country code in not just OSX, but Windows as well? (i.e. a flashing/editing tool for the EEPROM firmware on the chip). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. M0rpheus

    DP3 up and running!

    Nah dropping support would make it entirely not work, not just boot longer. It's prolly something in that particular kext that is loading/slowing it down. As much as the X58 was never used in the Mac, the Mac Pros did use the 1366 socket (i.e. the same CPU chips) and the DSDT pretty much does the rest of the work. I have a pretty much perfectly working system otherwise, including sleep/shutdown, Ethernet, GTX 570 video etc... with minimal kexts (really only FakeSMC and OpenHaltRestart). This slow boot is the only little thing that's left annoying me. Lion just boots so much quicker than ML right now, makes me sad I really don't wanna use an old SL kext if I can keep 100% vanilla ML!
  6. M0rpheus

    DP3 up and running!

    Hey Fabio, I have an Asus P6TD which suffers from the same slow boot times as the Sabertooth. I have tried your DSDT and compiling my own new one from scratch and then patching, but not matter what I cannot get the system to boot without first hanging at IOAPIC: Version etc... for quite some time, which slows down the boot. Is there anything else in the DSDT you think we can try? Cheers. EDIT: Might just note that Lion works fine with no such hanging, using the same DSDT's as with ML.
  7. We shouldn't have to replace the AppleACPIPlatform.kext with one from Snow Leo to get this to work. There must be another solution, whether it be DSDT based or editing the ML kext maybe? I don't like replacing kexts from 2 whole versions of the system ago to make the system simply boot faster.
  8. My boot is hanging at the exact same point for a couple of mins on my Asus P6TD Deluxe. How do you have your graphics injected? I have mine through DSDT, but now with the newer nVidia drivers you supposedly don't need to inject anything so I'm wondering if that's the problem... I've tried everything to make it go away besides that or taking the graphics cards out and see what happens.
  9. M0rpheus

    CMOS Resets by AppleRTC.kext

    Funny that it's not supposed to fix sleep but it does, for me also. I think it must fix somehow how the RTC works when it sleeps (the machine periodically uses the RTC to wake itself up and keep network services running i.e. bonjour sleep proxy).
  10. M0rpheus

    Parallels on ML Problem

    If you look under your main HD under "Incompatible Software" you'll see the "Parallels Service" program sitting in there. So simply, right now Parallels is not compatible with ML. We will have to wait for an update from Parallels to be released.
  11. M0rpheus

    First tries

    After patching the AppleRTC.kext, I now have sleep working. However, 2 of my HDD's (I believe they're in SATA ports 3 and 4) eject themselves after waking up from sleep.
  12. M0rpheus

    First tries

    It is a hidden file, yes. You need to find yourself instructions on the web for how to install Lion. The only difference is the boot loader, found on page 2 of this thread. Edit: I'm gonna peek in the system files and look for possible Ivy Bridge support. Will be nice to know what Apple has planned coming up
  13. M0rpheus

    First tries

    So after a little more testing, only a few problems: I cannot get rid of that hanging at the IOAPIC on boot, so booting is taking longer no matter what. I'm guessing it's bootloader related, it happens whether or not I have the DSDT in and no matter what settings I set Chameleon to have, even with the bare minimum of extra kexts (basically just fakesmc). I also cannot get the system to sleep/wake properly, whereas Lion works perfectly. The system will sleep the computer, but upon waking will cause the computer to freeze, wiping the CMOS. Just so you all know, my PC is an Asus P6TD Deluxe with an i7 930, 6GB RAM and 2x GTX 570's. I also cannot get my iCloud mail to work in the new 6.0 mail client (no doubt a bug in ML). It just doesn't load anything after the account is added. Other than these things, it's pretty smooth. Hopefully everything will be working by the next Developer Preview/GM
  14. M0rpheus

    First tries

    It's already built, use Chameleon Wizard and point it to the i386 folder to install. Chameleon Wizard will install and to the rest.
  15. M0rpheus

    First tries

    Mine boots fine, full graphics support without having to edit any files (I have my graphics injected via DSDT). Only issue is it seems to stay stuck for a while on IOAPIC when booting. It continue after that, just annoying that it takes ~1 min. I'm sure this will be smoothed out in time. For now though, seems to be running really well for a dev preview!