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  1. luxinhaus

    macOS Sierra 10.12.6 final is out.

    @Riley Freeman Also wanted to add to that... Sierra's InstallESD.dmg inside the PKG has a different hash compared to /Application/Install macOS Sierra's InstallESD.dmg. Have you checked that part too?
  2. luxinhaus

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    and does it also injectnvidia=yes by default? Sorry about the noob Q. Its been a while since i logged in.
  3. luxinhaus

    Clover stuck at "scan entries"

    what about introducing your HW to us
  4. luxinhaus

    How to repair Clover EFI

    /boot in all osx partition are the same.
  5. all 64bit compiled will run in el capitan. But that doesnt mean it will function as it should.
  6. you need legit mlb & rom
  7. luxinhaus

    How to get mlb/rom from snow leapord

    look for one that was compiled for SL
  8. luxinhaus

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    i see 3 floating mtoc starting from page 27. Which one you recommend?
  9. luxinhaus

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    if you dont fake it in clover or dsdt and leave applealc to its current state, no sound. i must fake it to reverse what applealc has done to have sound. Update: Also, it disables my onboard too if the current patch is present. I now have sound after removing the said patch. Have it verified first before you commit.
  10. luxinhaus

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Undoing the changes i made in controllers.plist, requires me to delete it also from kern_resources.cpp? if i add something in controllers.plist, It automatically adds it to kern_resources.cpp after compilation, but it doesnt remove itself if i remove it from controllers.plist.
  11. luxinhaus

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    first run failed due to mtoc.NEW not being found in /usr/local/bin. (had to copy it manually) wouldn't be possible to include it in the repo. Also, i have -t XCODE5 in my log even w/o specifying -xcode5 in ./ebuild.sh flag. normal?
  12. luxinhaus

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    can someone answer post #623 please
  13. luxinhaus

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    --no-usb and -D DISABLE_USB_SUPPORT the same?
  14. luxinhaus

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Ok. cleanpkg is good too to remove previous compiled binaries/drivers. its good to have a clean start on every run cheers!
  15. send it. delete old, reboot,recreate the issue, send.