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  1. Lenovo G550

    Hallo to all, Anyone sucessfully installed Mac OSX on this notebook? Lenovo G550 Lenovo G550 Model: Lenovo 20023 Intel Core2Duo T6500@2.1ghz CentrinoDuo Chipset Legend PM45 ICH9 Nvidia Geforce G105M (NV98M) Network wired: broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet adapter (ven_14E4/dev_1693) Network wireless: Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN Audio: Legend HD Audio Controller Conexant High Definition (ven_14F1/dev_5051) detailed specs: http://www.newtechnology.co.in/lenovo-idea...top-pricespecs/ I tried several times with iAtkos v7 but without success. Anyone have tips which component to select during installl?
  2. seems to me, that I find solution On my motherboard (Asus P5K), there is a feature called "memory remap" which has to be disabled. Every since i disabled it, OSX is stable. Ultimate test (i tested with it frequently as experimented with "maxmem" flag) is that i play several divx at once, and burn some DVD. No BSOD Memory remap can be found in advanced settings - north bridge
  3. Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users

    on P5K (Not premium, just P5K), onboard LAN not working, and there are no sings that will work in near future. So, beware of "Attansic L1" network controler I have to buy additional LAN card (Realtec 8169, which work natively) Onboard HD audio works only in 2 channel, but microphone not. Not sure about digital out, because i dont have any device to connect to Sleep & Wakeup works great...
  4. Great topic.. very helpfull.. I also expirienced BSOD problem with 4gb dual channel RAM, but with flag maxmem=3325, al problems are gone... Thanks to all...
  5. Swaping keyboard keys

    nevermind.. found solution Ukelele ... great app
  6. Greetings to all, I have problem with my keyboard. Actually, I live in country (Serbia) where standard for keyboard layout is QWERTZ not QWERTY, so i want to change places to Y and Z keys. Anyone know some program or script that will change places for these two keys. On internatinonal menu i set serbian layout, tried with identifying keyboard as ISO (Europen), ANSI (United States), even JIS (Japanesse), but allways loyout remains same. Any help will be appriciete...
  7. Dual Screen on 8600?

    no one?
  8. As I mentioned before here Kalyway 10.5.1 was succesfully installed on P5K With little help of Scott's easy installer, 8600GTS working excelent (Framework from 10.5.2 & nvinject 2.0), but i cannot get dual screen working. Anyone have some hint?
  9. As i told earlier, onboard audio recognized without problem (select - Azillia_ADI driver) . There are issues with onboard LAN (Attansic L1), and there are no working or patched kext, so it don't working. So I bought additional network adapter (Ovislink AirLive LFE8139) which is recognized without any intervention... I just tested power off, restart, and even sleep work without problems... (bios settings) -max cpuid value - disabled -vanderpool - disabled -cpu tu function - enabled -execute disable bit - enabled -acpi 2.0 - enabled -acpi apic - enabled
  10. with kalyway 10.5.1 very easy... I have lots of problem earlier with other patched versions since 10.4.7 till 10.5.0 I also have problem with iAtkos too... With Kalyway 10.5.1, i just formated one partition in Apple File System (Journaled), selected from components only - Vanilla_kernel - Vanilla_Acpi_fix - Azillia_ADI driver, and - EFI MBR Bootloader Network recognized without any problems. Nvidia 8600GTS via easy installer ( I posted link earlier)
  11. Excelent... i disabled max cpuid value, and system profiler opens fine.. one more thing, I bough Network adapter Ovislink Airlive LFE 8139 HTX, and mac os recognized it just fine.. now i have network too... Last, but not least.. There are easy installer for NVIDIA 8600GTS Installer installs OpenGL.Framework 10.5.2, installs nviject 2.0 and NVIDIA 8600GTS FINALY WORKING... http://scottdangel.com/files/10.5.2_NVkexts+.pkg Thats all... Thanks again Kaly, and all other people which is a part of this project... my specs... Asus P5K (ICH9, P35) (All workin fine) C2D E6550@2.33 ghz Nvidia EN8600GTS
  12. First of all, I wanna say thanks to Kaly for this great piece of work. I succesfully installed Kalway 10.5.1 on Asus P5K. All ICHx drives recognized, and sound working. Just Integrated LAN Controller Attansic L1 not recognized As far as I know, there are no patched kext for this controler, (and i doubt that will be in nearest future), so i have to buy additional PCI network adapter Anyone can confirm that this network card working in Kalway 10.5.1 D-Link DFE-528TX PCI (my local hardware dealer, have only this one ) One more thing... Anyone expirienced crashing System Profiler My system specs. Asus P5K C2D E6550@2.33 ghz Nvidia EN8600GTS (not working ... yet) Instaled with EFI
  13. p5k and Kalyway Leopard

  14. p5k and Kalyway Leopard

    Please, could you upload somewhere your to pathced Extensions.mkext and post link? Thanks...