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  1. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Well... It's been awhile since I started this thread... Happily, now I've had a Macbook since late 2008 Sorry for not posting the workaround for the need to boot with USB keyboard and mouse plugged since the very beggining... but as far as I remember, Leo4All didn't produced that issue for me. So, here it goes: WORKAROUND TO BOOT OS X WITHOUT USB KEYBOARD & MOUSE PLUGGED ON HP PAVILION DV6000 AMD SERIES *When booting, just after you type -v and hit enter, touch as soon as possible your volume and media keys at the top of the keyboard and touch them several times, just in case. (yes, those blue touch-sensible that make a sound when touched!) *This seems to make the boot process to "detect" the keyboard and trackpad and launch the appropriate drivers for them, just as the presence of USB did. *A good sign to know that you did it on time is that for the rest of the boot process, this keys won't produce any sound if touched again, and you won't be able to lock/unlock the keyboard (with the little button at the top of the trackpad). *If you did it on time, hopefully your keyboard and trackpad will work when OS X loads. Good luck, and happy new year for all!
  2. Snow leopard on GIADA SLIM N10 ?

    It seems to have pretty much the components of a standard netbook, with more RAM and the same Graphics Card as Macbook late 2008... so it should work! I'll advice you to go and try the process they use to get Mac OS X on netbooks. Check it out here: http://osx.mechdrew.com/blog/2009/09/08/ne...inalized-early/ Please keep us informed about the results... if it works, I'll get a Giada myself.
  3. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Hello again, and sorry for the late answer. That's right, you're supposed to just remove it. The file is there for backup reasons as you correctly figured. Anyway, let me tell you that once, for research matters, I've tried this resolution fix and after success I put IONDRVSupport.kext back to the directory and doing this didn't turn down the fix. The resolution was still the correct one. I still recommend to remove it because it's the way I've got succes.
  4. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    I've got that choppy sound you told us about sometimes. I've realized that this happen when your notebook doesn't have power adapter plugged in. Plug it in, and I'm pretty sure your sound will be nice and clear. I don't know what could be happening with your boot time... My notebook boots to OSX exactly at 1 minute and 29 seconds since I select it from Darwin's bootloader (everytime). That's only 13 seconds more than XP's boot time, about the same than Ubuntu Hardy, and like 1-2 minutes less than Vista's. However... when I screw something up with the kexts and it seems like not booting, I just boot with -x parameter. 2 or 3 minutes later it boots on safe mode, so I can fix whatever has gone bad.
  5. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    To get native full resolution, use the package posted at the begining of this topic, I've even reposted a link to them recently. Read trough... instructions are inside the package. For sound, install Azalia kexts. They're even included in the customize section of the installing process.
  6. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    @all: I'm glad to see that my topic has came back to life, it started quite well, then replys stopped suddenly, but now this is getting better. Thanks to all of you. Stay around to continue helping each other! @ka24altima: Since I noticed that you have a triple boot with Vista and Ubuntu, I'd like to ask you a somehow out-of-topic question: On Vista, my internet connection gets broken all the time... it doesn't matter if I'm connected via wifi or ethernet, it's always the same. And when it happens, I can get it back only by manually disconnecting from the network and then reconnecting. I've noticed that this connection losses happens after less than a minute with no transfers (no uploads/downloads, no web browsing). Also, I've noticed that if I start downloading anything big, connection stays alive until it finishes. Have you ever got this kind of behavior? If true, then have you fixed it? How did you do it? If you don't have this problem... tell me, do you have Windows Updates activated? Do you have Vista SP1 intalled? Thanks a lot.
  7. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Well, yes... I forgot to tell you... With this fix this issue may result, now you have to boot with the power adapter plugged in. Once it boots, you can unplug it. Anyway... wifi worths it huh?
  8. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Well, it's almost everything right there if you care to read trough... For wireless use the contents of the package I posted in the comment quoted here. For audio simply use Azalia kexts. Read comprehensively and try these solutions. Come back later to let us know the results.
  9. Well... this is exactly a current feature in Ubuntu Hardy. Anyway... it worked only for audio files as I can remember. If you hover the icon for like 3 seconds, it starts playing. And for viewing actual documents on the icon, we can find some sort of this behavior in Windows Vista. As always we can expect an improved, useful and stylish feature coming from apple.
  10. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    @Macgirl: Hello, since I noticed you have an iPhone 3G in Mexico, I'd appreciate if you help me solve somethings that I need to know before purchasing one... Well, I assume you purchased the iPhone from Telcel. So... 1) Is it possible to purchase it as it is? I mean, only the phone without a contract? 2) You have the phone, so... could you tell me if it works fine with another Telcel sim? (an Amigo sim or a Plan GSM100 sim for example) 3) Once jailbraked, does it still make calls and everything? Thanks a lot.
  11. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    @Wyzazz: Since you managed to get kernel 9.4 I wonder... Is there any advantage or difference for the end user on making this upgrade? I really won't risk my OSX system right now if there is no benefits on trying this... Regards.
  12. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    Man, I think it would be really great for newbies that you tell them where the IONDRVSupport.kext file is located. You know, as most of them come from Windows they may have no idea on this, and doing so, we'll avoid repetitive posts/answers. hmmm... and for all of you that ended here by some google search looking for the location of IONDRVSupport.kext ... Double click your OSX hard drive icon on the desktop and then navigate to: /System/Library/Extensions/ there it is!
  13. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    Yes borgsquad, an absolute and definitive yes. It will run smooth... and Vista can't be said to do that at all. It will even boot faster (for me, booting to Leopard takes 1min32sec while booting to Vista takes 3 or 4 mins). You will copy files to USB drives at full 12 MB/sec, while on Vista I've registered speeds of 1.7 to 2.2 MB/sec. The only case where I get full USB 2 speeds on Vista is ironically when transfering songs from itunes to my ipods (getting the same 12 MB/sec). Applications will launch dramatically faster and will rarely crash. Even if something crashes you will be able to kill the process at your will with Force quit feature, unlike windows task manager. Spotlight searches are truely real time... when you press a key, instantly refreshes the list of results. With Vista's "instant search" sometimes I press a key and it takes like 6 seconds to refresh results.Leopard's resource managing is incredible. Right now I have Safari, Adium (IM), iTunes, NeoOffice, and Activity monitor working and it's only using 47% of my 1GB RAM. On Vista, just after it boots with not a single app running (not even sidebar) it uses like 65 - 70% of my RAM. Oddly, the only thing I've seen to perform a little less than perfect, taking like 10 seconds to start is Microsoft Office for Mac... It's not the fastest thing, yet it does better here than in Vista. By the way, I've noticed that when you have Word or Excel or PP opened, exposé acts strange. I've found this issue on a real mac too. But that it's MS fault i think. Something like Apple's refusal to make itunes perform well with Vista's Aero minimizing effects. So... my answer should be... YES, it will work better and faster. lol @All: By the way... On Vista, I loose constantly my internet connection. I've seen that if I keep any transfer going (like downloading something), it remains connected, but as soon as connection goes idle, it looses connectivity and I cant acces internet. Does anyone has this same issue or has solved it?I know... off the topic.... but hey, we're a friendly community, right? lol
  14. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    @wyzazz: Hello dude, It's been a little while since I posted here... anyway, I think I came back just in time. I happen to disagree with you about the convenience of starting a new thread. A new thread means people leaving (or never arriving to) old ones, forces and efforts dividing, but most of all: i think that even if we try to make the greatest summary of advances reached in this one, there will be things that scape to our eyes and so on, from the eyes of new readers that won't go trough all these pages and then, possibly won't find the solutions they need. If there was an ultimate methode available, wich will work 100% right on 100% of cases, then I would consider useful to start a new thread to avoid people wasting their time. It's not the case, so I need to give thumbs down to this idea. Hope you find this comment useful, and hope you don't take this personnaly, cause it's not. Regards, and keep the good work!
  15. Well, I'm happy to see that the idea I had since I read this yesterday is not yet used! So... here's my first version for the IM logo. Tell me what do you think, I'll do a lot of improvements to it once I got Photoshop installed. By the way... NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENTS HERE!!! Plus... it preserves the site's identity I think.