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  1. I had an issue while testing the upgrade to Mojave, where the system would freeze and the HDD light would stay on or I would come back after a few hours and the PC would be turned off.


    When I switched back to High Sierra the freezing seemed to had carried over which made no sense. Random lock of the system, it could be as often as every 30 mins up to every 16 hours. And mostly while the computer was idle. Following this post -> 

     I checked the BIOS for sata agressive link power management but I didn't find the option and then it hit me. 


    While testing the Mojave switch, I was using multiple spare SSDs and my motherboard would not post. And on the internet they recommended to disable OPROM for the SATA Controller on the BIOS and make the drives Hot Pluggable, which indeed worked.


    So I went back and disabled Hot Plug feature on the SATA Controller(after I completed the Mojave install) and I haven't had a freeze yet. At the beginning I thought it was the new clover build, Chrome because it would mostly happen while just a video was playing. 


    Hope that someone finds it useful.


    Asus X79 Deluxe

    Intel Core i7-4820k

    40GB RAM

    NVIDIA GTX 760 1GB

  2. Not working  Debug Menu 

    On El Capo


    you need to Mount EFI  manually with terminal or Clover prefpane


    If your HD is disk0 you can using the app attaching bellow


    If you look inside the Contents/SharedSupport of this download injectDiskUtility.zip  you will find a Disk Utility.app that shows debug menu to mount EFI partitions that works on El Capitan.


    It also works on MacOS Sierra use this if you like (experimental) Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip 



  3. We would need some more info. Is it legacy or uefi? Is clover installed in the EFI partition?


    When you boot from the hard drive, on clover settings is the OS 10.11?


    Can you boot directly from the USB? If yes this is what I would try:


    DISCLAIMER: Not an expert. Ideally you should make a full backup of your drive with SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner or at least Time Machine.


    1. I would backup the EFI folder (it would be either on the root for example Macintosh HD or on the EFI partition which you would have to mount from Disk Utility with debug mode on)


    2. Copy the EFI folder from the USB stick to the location of the EFI folder on your drive. (you can only copy the config.plist and any kexts for 10.11)

  4. @critza 

    Since you asked me about the build I figured to make it public so others can benefit.


    DISCLAIMER: I don't know what I am doing!


    I use the latest bios, no dsdt, onboard sound and nics don't work. On board sound can work with dsdt or drivers, i had it working once but i can't be bothered. I bought a $10 Vantec NBA-120U USB Audio Adapter

     and my output is through there. I use the EXPI9301CT nic. You can use the IONetworkingFamilyInjector.kext (I was using this for a long time but it stopped working on further clover updates) or flash your nic using the guide here under Ubuntu and don't worry about it.


    The GFX is a GeForce GTX 760 2GB, I have web drivers installed.


    The amount of RAM under Yosemite is detected correctly at 48GB but on the About This Tab->Memory it doesn't show the correct amount of slots occupied. On El Capitan half the RAM is detected at 24GB, and also wrong amount of slots detected. I tried to correct it by adding the memory slots in clover configurator but I get kernel panics.


    This is the output from kext utility which gives you plenty of info.


    ProductName  : Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.10.5 BuildVersion: 14F1021

    Bootargs     : -v arch=x86_64 slide=0 dart=0 darkwake=10 npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 PCIRoot=1 PCIRootUID=1 EthernetBuiltin=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes 
    Kernel       : Darwin Kernel Version 14.5.0: Tue Sep 1 21:23:09 PDT 2015
    Model ID     : MacPro3,1 KernelMode: x86_64
    CPU TYPE     : Intel® Xeon® CPU E5649 @ 2.53GHz
    CPU ID       : Ox206C2 (132802) 
    Cores        : 12 Cores, 24 Threads @ 2530MHz Bus: 133MHz FSB: 532MHz
    Caches       : L1i:32Kb L1d:32Kb L2:256Kb L3:12288Kb
    RAM          : 49152Mb HibernateMode: 0
    SwapUsage    : total = 2048.00M  used = 471.25M  free = 1576.75M  (encrypted)
    This is for Yosemite only:
    The boot loader is clover installed in the ESP with boot0af. If remember correctly I had to copy the boot file manually. The hard drive is Samsung 840 Pro 1TB
    Clover options:
    Clover EFI 64-bits SATA.
    I have the following drivers selected. Don't know if i should or not but here it goes:
    Drivers32: ps2keyboarddxe-32,ps2mouseabsolutepointerdxe-32, ps2mousedxe-32,usbmousedxe-32 and xhcidxe-32
    Drivers64: ps2mousedxe-64, usbmousedxe-64, nvmexpressdxe-64
    Drivers64UEFI: EmuVariableUefi-64, OSXAptioFixDrv-64, PartitionDxe-64 (I don't know why I have these on since its not a uefi mob but i do. Might have carried over from my first mackintosh using the config file as a template)
    Install RC scripts on target volume checked, optional rc scripts checked.
    I have 3 kexts on EFI\Clover\kexts\10.10 FakeSMC, GenericUSBXHCI and NullCPUPowerManagement.
    The system is pretty stable and fast. I plan to redo it now because I have this 400 Bad Response/Gateway error that I get on all drivers but I can't figure it out. It has never happened before. I was doing some network snooping before it has started happening but i don't think it is related. It could be.
    I just did a benchmark test while having photoshop, parallels, xcode and a few browsers as well as various programs open with Geekbench I get 1949 single core, 21077 multi-core. In my opinion its a solid system.
    I have rebuild it a few times, I just copy the EFI folder over pretty much. To create the installer use your preferred method and whatever works to get to the installer. Once I had to install with chimera and then install clover. I get to the installer fine with the arguments I listed. You might have to change graphicsenabler and/or nvda_drv depending on your setup.
    I hope I haven't forgotten anything, I hope I am not giving bad advice or made any embarrassing mistakes but If I can help even one person it makes it all worth it.

  5. Hi guys and girls, 


    I have an issue that showed up recently and I can't find a way to get rid of it. I would rather avoid redoing the machine so if someone has encountered this before please please give some advice.


    This happens randomly and on random web sites, regardless if I have visited them before. Instead of the page content I get html code or 400 Bad Request. If I refresh a few times I am back to normal for some time until it occurs again. And this happens on all browsers which makes me think its a networking issue more than anything. I flashed my NIC to not need a kext, removed all kext, ran onyx, deleted network preferences files, I tried some stuff I read on the internet but the results are the same. 


    Also tried clearing all caches and cookies on all browsers but it still happens.


    Any suggestions?



  6. Hi. Disclaimer, I am no expert.


    You can now use your AppleID to develop and push your apps to you device only. When you want to publish to the App store that is when you need to pay the $99 developer fee.


    I fact you can email me your Xcode project and I as long as the specs (sdks, versions) match I should be able to compile it and run it on my phone.

    By the way it is against Apple policy to use someone else's developer account to publish so you avoid the $99 fee (if that is what you meant).


    Now in terms of how to start. I personally just can't do the prototyping, wire framing and all that. I can't for example sit down and plan it, it doesn't work for me, I just go right at it.


    I just looked at some sample iOS apps, saw some tutorials on youtube and a few thousand google searches later your first app is born.


    Again, I am no expert by any means but if I can help with anything let me know.

  7. EVGA SR-2

    48 GB of RAM 
    2 x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5649 @ 2.53GHz

    Was working perfectly with Yosemite no DSDT using Clover.

    Upgraded to El Capitan no problems(had to completely remove SLE and copy over contents from freshly installed El Capitan and fix permissions to boot), but now El Capitan reports 24GB of RAM and 9 total RAM slots, 6 populated x 4GB and 3 empty. 

    While troubleshooting, I rebooted back to the USB installer and under system info I also have 24GB of RAM.

    SMBIOS: Mac Pro 3,1

    I attempted to changed SMBIOS but I get KP.

    While booting I noticed the following:

    mem_actual: 0x000000000
    legacy_sane_size: 0xc0000000
    RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes)

    Currently have audio, usb 2.0 , gfx, firewire, bluetooth and nic working.

    Not working: USB 3, Incorrect RAM

    Any advice as to what to try would be greatly appreciated.

    I already tried to add memory slots in clover but I get a KP (could be doing something wrong if someone and comment on how to do it properly)

    I attached some screenshots for reference.

    Thanks guys, good luck to all with their upgrades!