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  1. Mojave 10.14, doesn't open after osascript execution. I have virtual machine with a version for mojave that i fixed most of the frameworks but it' still not there yet. I did a bit of research and it appears the only way to do it is to mess with DYLD library injection. I had somewhat of a progress and then i got busy with work. I could share that file see if it takes us anywhere. But I am setting up a new machine today with high sierra I will test it further.


    As a note, if you try to execute it via terminal:


    dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSStatusBarWindow

      Referenced from: /Users/...../Desktop/Disk Utility 13.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskUtility

      Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit

     in /Users/...../Desktop/Disk Utility 13.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskUtility


    I followed that chain before and I hit a wall. Thats where the DYLD injection comes in.


    Disk Utility Mojave attempt (not functional) - The loader is renamed and the original binary is used while testing.



    All the frameworks are from El Capitan, it seems to be the safest way.

  2. @dimosgmx


    I don't think it is very safe as implemented right now, since there doesn't seem to be any version checking. E.g. if the program or the computer crashes and you try to run Disk Utility 13 again, the backed up /usr/libexec/diskmanagementd-sierra gets overwritten with the current (now ElCapitan) version, which is probably what happened in my case. Better have Pacifist handy just in case and make a backup of the Sierra diskmanagementd yourself somewhere (mind the ownership/permissions too).

    Yes this happened to me and I started working for a way to repair this automatically. Didn't get a chance to complete it since I am recovering from the flu but this is exactly what happened to me. Hackintosh crashed and couldn't execute either of Disk Utilities.


    I was thinking of implementing it like this:


    1. Check if diskmanagementd is Sierra or El Capitan version. Check if more that one files is named diskmanagementd*.

    2. Keep a backup of the Sierra diskmanagementd on the contents of the Disk Utility.app

    3. Run a GUI before launching Disk Utility with the options to restore everything to default or run Disk Utility, so in the event that it breaks you can use the option to repair.


    Any opinions? Not sure how to implement version checking without keeping a database of md5 for all current and future binaries.

  3. TextEditDark

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    Unfortunately as Hud was implemented only for panels you can't add buttons and what is more annoying for me it stays frontmost.. but there are so much better editors than textedit around i would not spend much time revoking  this one, ever tried textmate? 


    I like Textmate but I still catch myself using Textedit every now and then. The frontmost is a checkbox option if you go to Textedit->Preferences.

  4. @dimosgmx

    Could you explain how the magic is done ? Are there any systems files replaced ? I think this could be responsible for my encrypted HDs being unable to unlock in Sierra after installing/running the patched DiskUtility. I panicked, so I booted to ElCapitan (thankfully I kept a backup) and decrypted them there.


    The only system file modified(temporarily) is /usr/libexec/diskmanagementd. After you enter the password at the osascript prompt, a script gets executed. The script renames diskmanagementd to diskmanagementd-sierra, copies the El Capitan diskmanagementd to /usr/libexec and executes Disk Utility. When the program exits, the script deletes diskmanagentd (the El Capitan version) and renames diskmanagementd-sierra to diskmanagementd. Thats the only modification to system files. This is done to allow both Disk Utilities to co-exist and work. Note that you can't operate both at the same time. If you want to see the script browse the contents and check the macOS folder.


    I was/am working on a different version that will be working different way if successful. It still needs a small modification to /usr/libexec but it shouldn't be affecting Sierra at all.


    I guess under Sierra you can't access encrypted HDDs while this Disk Utility is running because of the modified diskmanagementd. But closing the application reverts any changes made and everything should be back to normal.



  5. After starting, DU 13 menu and buttons as similar Yosemite default style: blue colour scheme and opacity...

    How to change it to graphite scheme and disable menu opacity?

    Also, I have big graphics issue, when try to use Lightschot Screenshot for DU 13 screening.

    I am sorry but I don't understand what the problem is. Could you perhaps rephrase it?

  6. Hello ! Thanks for the share. It says : osascript like to make changes. Enter your password to give permission ?

    I put my pass but nothing

    any idea ? 

    The only thing that will do that is if you don't have SIP disabled. If the osascript is executing then it must be that it can't execute the sudo command because of SIP. Are you running this on a real Mac?


    Also rebooting the computer and trying again might help.

  7. diskUtilityPatch

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    Having an issue... I extracted Disk Utility from the 10.10.5 Combo update and dropped it on your patch program -->> Got an error: The document "Disk Utility" could not be opened. diskutilitypatch cannot open files in the "application" format. I used Pacifist to extract with admin rights and am working in folder within downloads.




    ( Note: doing this in 10.11.3 )

    Sorry for the late response, but did you drop it on the app icon on the dock? That wouldn't work. You have to drop it on the place holder with the monitor and the magic wand.

  8. Disk Utility (patched_v2)

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    Yeah good one, I already try, got a point. But, that's not my point.  If I resume my tought, Yosemite version of Disk Utililities ON El Capitan CAN'T even make a raid without hanging. You got to admit, the castrated El Capitan own Disk utilities is safer, but useless.


    The solution on 10.11.1:  castrated DU for real basic thing and image recovery (.img reads), yosemite DU for GPT, Images... and SoftRAID well... For RAIDs and partition.



    I undestand where you coming from. But for me I need to be able to use and convert between MBR and GPT disks. Restore and create disk images and so on. For all that, the new utility is ugly and complicated as hell and not to forget to mention it can't do some of those functions.

  9. Disk Utility (patched_v2)

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    Ok I'm a newbe here but let me tel you all... Using the old disk util is UNFURTUNATLY pointless. Use SoftRAID.  I tryed Disk Utils for a raid-0 of two identical 16gb usb keys and it fails in every ways I tried. Big Fails. The app do open but seeing that, I can't trust it on 10.11.1. SoftRAID dit it w/o any problems. I tried the USB keys maid with SoftRAID on a mac w/o it installed and it work, same scheme.

    I don't run El Capitan (I didn't give me it much of a shot so of course I could be very wrong about this )but i have a challenge for you, since you find it pointless. Take an MBR usb stick and try to convert it to GPT in El Capitan.

  10. diskUtilityPatch

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    By the way since you are the only one that replied did you by any chance try it? I mean I tested every single one before I uploaded them but no one so far gave any feedback. Curious to see if any problem that can be fixed. I am currently working on two little projects that I would like to upload here. Insanelymac is my favorite site on the subject by far.

  11. diskUtilityPatch

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    By the way I just looked at the link you provided (glanced to be honest) but from what I saw he/she just patches the JNE (Jump Not Equal, opcode 0F 85) to JE (Jump Equal, opcode 0F 84). If you see my patches I don't do that. If you patch the binary like that the resulting Disk Utility will not run under Yosemite. And I just verified it by downloading it and trying to execute in Yosemite. Try it yourself if you like. My patch changes it to JMP (00000001000061e3         jmp        0x10000632d) which will work in any OS version (not technically speaking).

  12. diskUtilityPatch

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    I understand, I am sorry if my reply sounded a little harsh. I had the systemversioncheck patch since the developer beta, but recently I wanted to enable the debugmode and advanced-image-options so I can include it to the USB installer without the need to modify the defaults. I tried to bypass the show all partitions options but clicking the menu item does modify the defaults while at the installation.


    So I wasn't rushing to release first or whatever, don't care for fame or money. But here you have it. 


    Actually since I am new to reversing especially on the mac, Disk Utility was a great way to experiment with Hopper Disassembler.

    In case someone is interested this is the procedure I used : Modify the binary with hopper, produce new executable, compare the two executable differences with iHex, use perl to patch the bytes.


    You can actually use a discontinued program called iPatch to generate the patches. It normally doesn't run   under yosemite or el capitan but I took care of that.

  13. diskUtilityPatch

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    What do you mean by decoded? This is all my original work, I had this sitting for a while and decided to make an app to make it easy. I found out today there is a tutorial for the system version check and I found out while trying to upload the app here.


    In addition my patches activate couple of more perks.


    Also look for two more apps I am uploading how to get it to run during the El Capitan Installer.


    So basically if your question is whether I copied someone and I have to give them credit, no I didn't.