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  1. I am working on Acer ONE D250 and iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition I will try to make a step by step guide. Please inform the community with the progression. I solved the installation via USB stick installation. USB stick installation is need for a computer with out a optical drive. Installation works perfect . I am having problems on the 950GMA. However, I have manage to set the 1024x600 but no quarts extreme yet. After Solving problem this I will post a detailed step by step guide. Thank you
  2. Ridiculously easy iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak/unlock

    You guys also can try ziphone app. it is yet simple and down to earth software. Works for all.... http://www.ziphone.org/ Zipri You rule.....
  3. at&t store refused to sell iphone to me

    You guys are funny.... Why would Apple want to stop you from jailbreaking? It made them a fortune.... They dont make money on software but the make the most profit over the hardware.... As you all know the hardware of the iphone and ipod touch are {censored}.... They are the old generation cpus. I have a chinese gms which is running on java OS and I just found out that touch technology and cpu is same as Apple stuff. My point is that Steve Jobs and so is Apple makes deals that they make them pay nothing and get the cream of the profit. Basicly AT&T is angry to Apple not to people who jailbrakes their phone. However AT&T cant do anything about Apple cause still iPhone is what brings the customer to store not Love of AT&T... Therefore AT&T is the one who is hustled by Apple. Never forget AT&T and ones like him are like vampires the have to suck on people by yearly plans and minutes. But new era is coming via Voip and that what makes them scared.... I never liked any telecom company but I have always loved Apple cause I felt like it loved me more than any other company.( May be it is true may be not) Last words on this matter... I think If Apple didnt want us to Jailbrake we would not be able to..... So Apple want us to fell like we are getting more for our money.... That is the Beef
  4. apollo im

    I have the same problem MobileChat.app (not appollo) and it has glitch only on msn... All the other carriers works in a second only msn is unstable... IT joins once in a while and if connected works well. I personally think is is because of msn servers and Microsoft....
  5. I wondered has anyone Restored iPhone Firmware on to a iPod Touch? Please feel free to discuss new ideas and crazy ideas here too...
  6. Iphone or Hackintosh ?

    Get hackintosh it is far superior concept than iphone.... iPhone will only bring you fame but Hackintosh will be Fame&Glory... Specialy when 10.5.2. update comes out....( For vannila users it will be even Fame&Glory&Lazyness )
  7. Piracy is fed by the unfairness of the capitalist recording and production companies..... not by the new technology or people getting less ethical... Just one question to you all; How many "Darkside of the Moon by Pinkfloyd" album have you purchased? I know I have purchased at least 10. My point is this the people who thinks piracy is bad for the sector is only the ones that makes more money then they should via limiting the access and the rights of the customer by utilizing new media(cd,dvd,mpg.....) and technology (codec and copyrightlocks) Piracy is the term but it has been named by the people who are against it. I personaly think that people should have a right to access and exprience a product fully before they pay for it. If you like it you buy it..... The other side is piracy has been a great thing for the listener by decreasing easy money making from record selling so the artist have moved towards live performances, tours and stage performances which is 100% better than any recorded or edited thing... So Bacto the first question; Is mp3 players increases piracy? the answer is May be.... but I personaly think increase of piracy helps the music lovers get closer to the artists who really wants to reach to the listener not to customers pocket....
  8. Broadcom BCM5752 [14e4:1600]

    What determins the 75 71 change to EB 71? What if the dev id: 1693 Vendor Id:14e4 What would be the hex changes for 37550 or is it same for all the devices.... If you can lead me then may be I can build one for BC5787 THX
  9. Boot iatkos leopard dmg from a usb HD

    There is a built-in Unix utility in MacOSX that can be used to set your partition "Active". It is called FdiskSetting Your Partition "Active" Using FdiskWords in bold below are things you must type (followed by Enter).1. Boot your Mac OS X install dvd2. Once the installer is running, go to the Utilities menu and open Terminal3. Determine which disk your MacOSX partition is onType diskutil listVerify which disk number holds your partition (disk0, disk1, etc.)4. Start using FdiskAssuming the MacOSX disk is the first disk ("disk0"), thentype fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 <== use "rdisk" with your disk number here !!Ignore the error "fdisk: could not open MBR file ..."5. Determine which partition for MacOSX needs to be set "Active"Type pVerify which partition is for MacOSX (1, 2, 3, etc.) 6. Set the partition "Active"Assuming it is partition 1, thentype f 1 <== use your partition number here !!7. Save and exitType writeType y (yes you are sure)Type exit (to quit)8. Remove the install DVD and rebootI forgot to mention This rewrites the MBR and the partion table so becareful....
  10. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Use knoppix live cd or any linux with live CD. You will get all the information you need. Also there is a software called aida32 which is the source of Everest... It is free but does not cover any new devices but surely report the id correctly....