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  1. Hello, I have the hp pavilion dv7-1196eg with the hardware mentioned in my signature.. I already installed 10.6.1 (yeah, need to update...). The problem is that I can't enable AHCI in bios, so that's why it doesn't boot. Currently, 10.5.8 is installed and works perfect, as round as windows 7.. (there are 2 hard drives in this laptop, the first one is with 2 partitions: 10.5.8 retail & 10.6.1 which doesnt boot; hard disc 2 is with windows 7). Please help me ^^
  2. Hi, is this working for my hp dv7-1996eg ? The spec's are following: 4GB RAM Core 2 Duo P8400, 2,26 Ghz 2x 320 GB hard drives Geforce 9600M GT The problem is, that I can't enable AHCI in bios.. I have the original 10.6 on my hard drive but it won't boot.. after reading a lot, I know, that I have to enable AHCI (or disable ? don't know as it's been a while since playing around with SL...). But I can't because the {censored} sucking bios won't let me, as it's very castrated and not that functionable.. Any clue ? Thanks and sorry 4 my English, as I'm German..
  3. OS X install on laptop

    Hello, you should search yourself for kexts.. hlc should give you the answer about your hardware and which kexts you will need. You can install kexts using "osx86tools" (my fave) or kexthelper etc.. Snow Leopard would be the best if you install the retail.. I'm going to install the retail later... will see how good it really works =) My 10.5.8 retail nearly works perfect..
  4. Hi, I don't know if someone is reading what I'm posting here, but... I just want to help The best sound drivers are the iDeneb 1.4 IDT kexts.. Install them both (HDA and HDAenabler) on your HDD, I used OSX86Tools and then reboot. Here the kexts: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=64747B7S http://rapidshare.com/files/329761171/IDTk...nabler.zip.html It will work perfectly for you. In iDeneb 1.4 even through HDMI the sound works perfectly.. I guess here in 10.5.8 REtail it'll work perfectly, too. Now I ordered the wifi card, it seems to be a broadcom BCM94312MCG... Why ? Because it is going to work out of the box as I read.. no BIOS flashing etc... I don't know but I just read it. Hope it'll do so! There seem to be drivers, too. So I guess for 9,90€ included shipping I can't do anything wrong. For kismac I have my current USB stick (it works perfectly but I don't want to always uninstall the drivers and reboot for using kismac that's why I ordered this internal mini pci wifi card), my stick is a Sitecom WL-172 with the Ralink RT73 chipset. It works in OSX, Linux, Windows.. you can get this stick in the brittish ebay for about 9 Pound I guess.. I bought myself this chip when I lived in England about 4 years ago and it works perfectly until today. Other than that I think I'll give Snow Leopard a try these days.. hmm..
  5. HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    Hello, do I need something like this with my HP Pavilion DV7-1196EG ? I want to replace my Wifi Card with this one: Broadcom BCM94312MCG It seems to work with OSX... but if there is a better one (as cheap as this one) it would be better.. if it works with my hp..
  6. Warum noch Original Mac?

    Stimmt, das mit den Notebooks finde ich acuh hart. Ein wirklich ausdauerndes Notebook für Unterwegs bietet Apple nicht. Kauft man sich z.B. das Asus 1005HA-H Netbook, hat man (lt. Asus) eine akkulaufzeit von bis zu 10,5 Stunden!!! Das soll Apple mal nachmachen. Ansonsten (ich weiß nicht, ob das bei Macbooks geht, aber..) kann man in jedem aktuellen Notebook z.B. die CPU austauschen. Ging früher auch teilweise, heute geht es zumindest bei den Intel-Notebooks, mit Allem, was nicht auf ATOM setzt. Könnte meinen 2,26 Ghz (welcher übrigens acuh im Macbook und Macbook Pro verbaut ist) gegen einen 2,8 Ghz oder den Core 2 Extreme 3,06 Ghz (wie er im aktuellen Macbook Pro 17" teilweise verbaut wird) tauschen. Quadcore kann u.U. auch noch gehen. Und das geht (zurzeit) sicherlich mit keinem Macbook, gibt ja noch kein Quadcore-Macbook. Finde das Basteln weniger angenehm, klar, man lernt etwas aber u.U. zerfetzt man sich seine gesamten Daten oder zumindest macht man sich etliche Stunden Arbeit, wenn man wieder alles zum Laufen bringen möchte, wie es war, inklusive Dualboot etc. Naja, ich probiere mich jetzt wohl mal an einer Snow Leopard Retail, bis später..
  7. You are in the wrong section, mate.. It's a 10.5 (Leopard) problem, not a snow leopard problem. And for the USB Fix, there is a thread.. there are 2 or more HP Pavilion DV7 threads... but I guess you should install the kext from the iDeneb 1.4 dvd, as it works for me (hp pavilion dv7-1196eg as in my sig). Unfortunately you didn't try Snow Leopard, did you ? Because I think I'll give it a try tomorrow or tonight (here in Germany we have currently 23:30). So sorry for my English and kind regards Kevin
  8. Hello, since I upgraded from 1.4 to the retail 10.5.8 my sound doesn't work anymore. I really tried nearly everything. In ideneb 1.4 the sound worked with the IDT sound driver.. perfectly! I also tried to use the old IDT but after rebooting it gives me an error that the hda.kext or something like that can't be loaded. Do you have any clue ? I tried the voodoo from the hp dv7 thread, I tried my original IDT with pacifist from my ideneb dvd.. but everytime I boot or reboot it gives me an error. Kind regards Kev
  9. eee 701 wireless card

    Your English is quite good.. and well, I'm not a native speaker, too. I'm German To the netbook: Yeah, the 901 could be better because it has a bigger ssd or 2 ssd's installed, yeah. But you can install 2GB Ram in the 701 and I think it is recognized.. at least many people from youtube do that And the 701 is a "modbook" because there are so many mods and hacks out there.. for overclocking, for internal "ssd" modding, for internal gps, other wifi cards (with external antenna) etc. It's great. I think the original design is a bit ... unspectacular. But I would paint it different... Well, to me the 701 is one of the coolest netbooks. Keep on working with it!
  10. Help with Broadcom BCM94312MCG aka 4324A

    I'm thinking about getting this WiFI Card, too. In the thread about the hp pavilion dv7 notebooks, the TS got himself this wifi card and linked a driver for it: http://rapidshare.com/files/280405923/Broadcom_802.11n.pkg Are all of those the same ? I mean are all of them N or are there ones which only support ABG ? Want to buy this one: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...#ht_5508wt_1167 You know if it works ?
  11. eee 701 wireless card

    Sorry, that I can't help you (I'm searching myself for a good wifi card for my laptop) but how good is OSX on your 701 ? I thought about getting one as it's a damn small laptop which looks nice Which OSX do you have on your 701 ? How fast and stable and useable is it ?
  12. Check out this Grape iMac!

    I don't know why it shouldn't be possible. I guess it would be even better with the eMac (although, my personal thought, it's a bitt ugly xD but well it's my own opinion).. Thanks for the answer.. Will see, I mean the iMac G3 doesn't run away, it's on my desk and waits for work
  13. Apple Airport Extreme card

    If you can get the airport card recognized in your laptop, win 7 will handle it. I mean every macbook can boot win 7 through bootcamp.. so I guess it will work without problems in win 7 The other question is: Will this card work with kismac ? I gon't think so ?!
  14. Hello, do I need something like this for my HP Pavilion Dv7-1196EG ? What wifi card would be the best ? which is recognized as airport so we don't need extra kexts, patches etc. ?
  15. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Sorry for asking but.. Is there anything new about the Intel 5100 AGN ? If not, what should I get instead of it ? What is recognized as Airport and will work without work with kexts etc. ? I really think it's weird that most of the current net and notebooks don't have a OSX-compatible wifi card.. I got my old laptop with a 2200 bg.. but it doesn't fit in my new laptop with the mini wifi card.