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  1. I got 10.8 to work in workstation 8.0.2 after doing a fresh install form a vmdk. However, after installing FakeSMC.kext i also have the problem where the mouse and keyboard don't work after it's rebooted with the .kext installed. Although the kext does reduce the boot time by a lot.
  2. How do you get it to boot with text? I've let mine sit at the booting screen for like 1.5 hours now and its still just stuck on the spinner. I don't know what to do.
  3. After the first reboot you should be at a grey screen with the black spinner and also a beachball cursor. Let it sit here for awhile (maybe up to 30 mins?) It took my VM about 15 minutes to get past this point but it went on to complete the installation "successfully". However, after I do the initial boot into 10.8 the boot hangs at the grey apple screen with a black spinner that spins forever. Is there a way I can boot it in verbose mode so i can see what's going wrong possibly?
  4. I have a perfectly working 10.7.3 VM image on VMware 8.0.2 in Windows 7 with 1.0.2 unlocker. I tried updating it to the new 10.8 DP 1 and everything appears to work fine. It installs, reboots and does the full installation and says it was installed successfully. However, when It does it's final reboot (first boot into 10.8) the boot hangs at the Grey screen Apple logo with a forever spinning spinner. I tried the "update to 10.7.2" fix before the 10.8 installation rebooted but that also didn't help. Anyone have any ideas or tips or got past this problem? Thanks. My .vmx is attached if anyone wants to look. sirmaster_vmx.zip
  5. You are the winner! I can confirm these steps make my Workstation 8 work just as fast as it did in Workstation 7. I knew it had to be some sort of Workstation 8 bug.
  6. Thanks for more suggestions. I set all the energy settings to never sleep, etc, and installed and ran caffeine. Still no luck. I have tried 1-4 cores on my VM as well as 1, 2, 3, and 4GB of ram with no effect on performance whatsoever. I have also ran my VMSvga with 32mb ram like Zenith suggested as well as the full 120mb with no effect either. Finally I have also copied my virtual machine to my laptop with completely different hardware and a intel core 2 processor with VT tech. I still get the same slowness there in Workstation 8. I really think it's a video card problem and not anything to do with ram or CPU. I also really think it's a VMWare 8 problem as it works so great in 7 on both of my computers. Donk or Zenith, would you be willing to download my VM and try it yourself to rule out guest/vm configuration issues? Does everyone that isn't having performance issues have an AMD video card? Because it looks like everyone with a problem is using NVidia. Thanks again *EDIT* OK, how do you guys like this one: When I edit my Lion VM and uncheck "Accelerate 3D graphics" in the Display device and boot it up, I get the same exact sluggish performance as when it's checked. Clearly 3D acceleration just isn't working for me in Workstation 8.
  7. Thanks Zenith432, I tried everything you said and no luck for me either. Nothing made any change in the performance unfortunately.
  8. I took a video for everyone of the slowness effect and how it doesn't seem slow on the bottom half of the screen. But then after watching it i think I realized what going on. I'm pretty sure it's faster because it doesn't have to render most of the window when it's off the screen like that. As you bring more of the window onto the screen it slows down and becomes slowest when it has to render the whole window. So it just seems that video acceleration is just very poor in Lion on Workstation 8 in general until someone finds a fix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9quH1n4SmmM&hd=1
  9. Oh wow, I tried that and it's the exact same for me! The bottom half or so I can drag the windows perfectly smooth like Workstation 7 but the top half is very sluggish. Intel i7 Nvidia GTX 480 6GB Ram Win7 Ult x64 Thanks Donk for everything you do for the community and thanks for the updated 8 unlocker so quick. Hope we can get to the bottom of this one. Mac_OS_X_Lion_Workstaion_8_files.zip
  10. I had OSX Lion installed on my workstation 7 and used the unlocker to get it working. Performance there was very smooth. The only action that would lag was going to and from fullscreen apps. I have since updated to Workstation 8 and used the new unlocker as well as installed VMWare Tools from Fusion 4.0.1. Everything works fine except GUI performance is very slow compared to Workstation 7. Keyboard presses are noticeably delayed and even simple things like dragging windows or minimizing/maximizing are sluggish and choppy. Has anyone else see this problem or does anyone else have any suggestions as to how i can get the performancs back to the way it was in Workstation 7? Thanks.