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  1. Thank you so much for helping me Verdant. I've managed to install vanilla + UB version of mavericks, then I used kext wizard to install every kext you suggested but nforceATA, since I dont really need the onboard controller to manage my SATA disks anymore. Then I used MB to install MacPro 3 plist and chimera with a theme, and now is booting perfectly by itself, really quick without nforceATA kext. I have not placed files in modules or the dsdt.aml in root or extra but I like what I have now. Do you think is really necessary to do so? What would I improve? Is there any risk of making my system worst in the process? Right now I'm struggling with W8-EOS-OSX multiboot, what a nightmare. PD: I see the quote of the tools I used is forbbiden, sorry for that.
  2. I'm trying other simplier methods to install mavericks, since I've bought a PCIe to SATA III adapter. If I get to successfully install it, Can I place those kexts after installation? I would have to place them in the HDD instead right? I have to do something more? Would them works just placing them in those directories from the main HDD where mavericks is installed? Thank You
  3. Ok, sorry for the silly question, I've manage to do so and get out of many troubles after that, but now I'm really stuck. Booting the USB in verbose mode stops at AppleKeyStore starting (Built : Jun...blablabla) I'm trying with/out nvidia kexts, putting dsdt in extras, put FileNVRAM in Extras/modules and all sort of combinations of steps I have not taken literally from the guide since I didn't find the files or didn't find clear where to put them (a few ones only). No success so far. with -x it stops at: Kernel-_SYMTAB not a kext
  4. Ok, I will try that. Is there any way to include the .kext file in the folder on windows/linux?
  5. Hi verdant, I have a striker II extreme (nForce 790i I think), Q9550, GTX280 and 4GB of RAM. I'm trying to install Os x on this setup, but honestly....I'm finding it overwhelming. I need the SO to complete my college assingments on iOS development. I've managed to create bootable usb of mavericks and install it, retail and niresh, but I cant make the OS boot, I think is due to my MOBO not supporting AHCI. I'm stucked in the "Still waiting for root device" error. I'm trying to use this guide but I'm frustrated since I dont really understand which part applies to my problem or my specific setup, and having problems to understand some of the steps. There is a way a noobie like me could achieve this? Or Im better thinking of giving up with this? Thank you anyway and sorry for my english.