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  1. cpus=2?

    *shameless bump as my processor rests idly*
  2. *shameless bump as I get desperate* I guess I just want to virtual boot my XP drive, ignoring the MBR altogether... or something. I dunno.
  3. Getting help for this here is a long shot, but why not. I tried firing up Team Fortress 2 today under Crossover, and I use my Wacom tablet and mouse as my primary control device. It works fine under Windows, but for some reason the mouse is stuck in Absolute mode, so that, for instance, if I move the mouse the slightest bit from the center of the pad, the game will forever pan in that direction, instead of moving just a little bit and stopping. Anyone have any ideas? My touchpad works fine, and I don't really understand what the difference is or where I could configure such a thing. Thanks!
  4. So I was on the right track, I just didn't know how to do it. I used Automator and a script I found online to create a symbolic link to \SteamApps in /Users/(me)/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/(bottle name)/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/ and upon a restart of Steam and Crossover, all my games were listed as installed ready to update and everything. Now it's time to try them out!
  5. cpus=2?

    I can't seem to find any other method... I saw some stuff about "platform=x86pc", but I didn't really understand it. Other ideas?
  6. Mac OS X on a Dell Latitude D620?

    I'm running Kalyway 10.5.1 (the only version I know of). I'm still having those minor sound issues I need to take a look at, have no wired internet, and the display won't turn on if it turns off. That said, my laptop sleeps and wakes up without any issue whatsoever.... I haven't even tried power management yet... what about it doesn't work?
  7. I installed Crossover Mac and through it I installed Steam in its own bottle. Of course, when I run Steam, my games are listed as "Not Installed". Where they are installed to, however, is my NTFS-write-enabled external hard drive. All of the .gcf's are there, as well as saved games and settings and whatnot. How can I make Crossover cognizant of these files? Is there some sort of symbolic link I can add to the Steam folder (username\Applications\Crossover\Steam) that lets this virtual Steam see its files appropriately? I just don't have nearly enough hard disk space free there to install my Steam games (22gb). I also tried just running the existing Steam.exe from my external, but wineserver crashes while Steam loads. Thanks for the ideas!
  8. I can't really figure out how well PCMCIA devices work under OSX86, but more specifically whether or not most firewire cards would function or not. Does anyone have a PCMCIA firewire adapter that works on their Hackintosh? Alternatively, if someone knows another good, not-too-expensive way to transfer DV tape to my computer with only USB2.0 ports that'll work with Leopard, that's another possible solution. Thanks! EDIT: What better way to find out than with a free PCMCIA card? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16839200003
  9. GAAAH! Foiled. So I guess my question is, why is GRUB trying to boot in VMWare Fusion? If it's pointed at my XP partition only, and it's accessing GRUB... doesn't that mean it sort of is accessing the MBR? Is there a way I can make this work without changing the GRUB install? Like, put something on the XP partition to ignore GRUB and just boot? I just feel like Error 17 means it is accessing the MBR, but it can't find the config files on the second partition because it's not part of the VMWare "image". I guess I could reinstall GRUB to have its config files on the XP partition? I am a bit worried that if I use the same bootloader natively and in VMWare that I'll eventually accidentally boot Leopard in Fusion - catastrophic?
  10. When I try to mark my XP partition as active, it says: "Device could not be accessed exclusively. A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n]" Of course I say no, because if the change is made and I restart, I won't boot back into Leopard. This happens even after ejecting the drive in Leopard. Lame... But if GRUB works natively, why doesn't it work in VMWare.... OHHH is it because VMWare can't access the configuration files?? Can I tell VMWare to look at both partitions? An Eraserhead fan, eh.... not everyday I find one
  11. Ignore the error, just move on (type "print"). I have the same issue, no idea why.
  12. My situation isn't quite the same as those in other guides, so I figured it'd be best to ask before I destroy everything. Partitons: 1) XP (NTFS) 2) Boot (ext3) 3) Leopard (HFS+) GRUB is installed to the MBR and and its configuration files reside on Partition 2, which is also the partition marked active. I want to boot the first partition in VMWare Fusion without messing anything else up, either by screwing up my MBR, or accidently VMWare-ing into Leopard... etc. In the guide located in this forum, it suggests temporarily marking the XP partition as active and setting up VMWare, and then reflagging Leopard's partition, and that's not quite what I've got going (it also says only to use the guide if Leopard is the active partition to begin with). Am I being overcautious? Is there a better way to do this? Does anyone know what's going to happen? Should I just shut up and find out? The weirdest part is, when I first opened VMWare Fusion there was already a Boot Camp option there, but it goes right to a GRUB Error 17, so that's not going to pan out. Thanks for the help!
  13. My mistake, it runs fine after a Software Update.
  14. Yep, iMovie seems to be a no go right now with Kalyway's Leopard... no good.
  15. cpus=2?

    Interesting... but I'm pretty sure I'm rocking 9.0.1 (Kalyway). Good to see that there is some work being done on it, maybe I'll dig around a bit deeper.