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  1. Ok so I have a Intel Board with a Intel Pro 100 Ethernet card. It has worked with every release of OS X except 10.4.8 Smethex so far, however I no longer have the older releaes and need it to get it to work with the 10.4.8 semethex release. It won't even recognize one exists Windows however works fine with it so I know it's not dead.
  2. So I installed the latest OS X 10.4.8 Jas release, and it is not detecting my Intel Pro/100 Network card, it usually picks it up as a native card. Now however it is not detecting it, am I missing a KEXT? I have the IOnetworkingfamily.kext file but I'm not sure what is going wrong.
  3. Intel Pro 10/100

    10.4.6 10.4.7 10.4.5 10.4.3
  4. Intel Pro 10/100

    Alright so I just downloaded the Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2] and it can't find my Network card after install. All the other copies (Which I no longer have) would pick up my network card immediately. my motherboard is a Intel D915GLVG with onboard 10/100 Pro Nic. Is there a new next, I need to download?
  5. Guys right now I'm telling you we are going to see what we dont expect, and some of what we expect at the Apple Special Event. I have gotten ahold of some information about 3 hours ago from a contact. I cant tell you details or really much about it but what I can tell you is Prepare for the unexpected, there is stuff on the list that shocks even me. The list looks official too. Not sure where he got it though and I would rather not ask.
  6. As a few of you have said look at Itunes and Time Machine. Now let me push that even farther, look at Front Row, and Apple TV I think we are gonna see the Black Interface that these Products already have. That or a mix between the two. As for new features I would like to point out that we should all know by now that Apple is capable and more than likely going to completley suprise us with unexpected products and features. Just sit back wait tell the 28th. We will know very soon.
  7. Ok for one No Viruses, Spyware, etc (well there are but seriously go out and try to find one.), for two It seems to run a lot faster, the interface is easier to use, and at last its a lot more stable.
  8. I am not calling Windows Users Morons I may have worded that wrong above, just the people that I have had to work with over the years. It's just clear to me, that Mac is better than Windows. If tomorrow MS comes out with a OS that blows OS X out of the water guess who will be first in line to get it. ME. I simply use what is best.
  9. I call them morons because they are Not very good at computers to begin with and secondly they are to Aarogant to give anything else a try I use Windows stiill, and Mac but I still think Mac is better.
  10. Sorta, Apple cares a lot about there computer market, its only a matter of time before it explodes, I live in the middle of po-dunk Idaho, for years I heard about how Mac sucks but a bunch of Windows loving morons. Thats starting to change, everyday it seems as if someone is either looking at or buying a Mac around here. People have begun to relize how well built Apple Hardware is, it's not just the OS its the Hardware. Hell its both. Its only a matter of time before Windows falls to #2 Weather it's dominated by OS X or Linux, and I think the downfall begins with Vista.
  11. Alright guys stop starting rumors or Belieiving them, OS X will NEVER Come to Beige boxes. Why? Well for a couple of simple reasons, Apple understands the fact that People who make hardware and software for each other will work better, thats why OSX is so kick ass. Secondly, it forces most people (99.99%) of the world to buy Apple Hardware, which is also built very well. Apple makes money doing this. It would be harder for them, and less effective to market on Beige boxes.
  12. Apple Special Event in February

    Actually there is one and I just found it Special Event February 28th
  13. Apple Special Event in February

    Alright seriously what day is the Special Event on? I thought it was today, but apparently not, anybody know?
  14. Scammers Already At It With The iPhone

    They have already hit the masses too I noticed them 2 days after the Iphone was announced on Myspace.
  15. Apple Super Bowl Commercial?

    OK whatever, so is there gonna be a Super Bowl Apple ad or not?