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  1. webbdogg

    2d Dock for Leopard

    awesome. Thanks. I like this better until Shapeshifter has a Leopard version.
  2. webbdogg

    Software Update

    It's back up and there are updates available: Remote Desktop Client 3.2.1: It is recommended that Apple Remote Desktop version 3.2 Clients can only be managed by Apple Remote Desktop version 3.2 Administration software. Please ensure that you have upgraded your Apple Remote Desktop Administration software to version 3.2 before upgrading your clients. iDVD Update 6.0.4 This update improves overall stability and supports compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5. GarageBand Update This update supports compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.
  3. webbdogg

    Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    How about a cleardock option? I hate the 3d version after using it a month now. I will get rid of the background asap.
  4. webbdogg

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    The gold Safari icon is the Webkit safari browser. Can be found here: nightly.webkit.org/
  5. webbdogg

    Leopard Server Backdrop

    No problem. It's not like it took an hour.
  6. webbdogg

    Leopard Server Backdrop

    You can just make it in PhotoShop from the existing one.
  7. webbdogg

    Things you don't like about 9a559

    I agree with hazkid. Fix Safari! It should work on Leopard since that's the OS it's intended for.