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  1. B+W G3 hackintosh

    here are some pix of my fully-functional dual-booting hackintosh. It is nearly complete, however i will call it done after a few things get installed. What I want next is : a custom sleaved powersupply with 80mm fan and minimal cabling, 2 x dual 2.5inch hot-swap HDD Bays (for two SSD boot drives and two storage laptop drives) to replace the velociraptor A new Graphics card to replace the 5770 Cable anchors for a cleaner inside( they will allow me to cable tie all the cables into tight bundles so the air cooling is working to its maximum)
  2. G3 Powermac

    looking good! it seems nice and serviceable too.
  3. B+W G3 hackintosh

    exterior fans are in and we are just waiting for a custom sleaved powersupply. cpu temp is 6 or 7 degrees higher with case closed than with the mobo out on display.
  4. B+W G3 hackintosh

    just completed a fresh dual boot of win7 and snow leopard and i have to say this board is just fine. on another topic, the blower fan arrived and puts out some heavy exhaust. i do recomend air cooling with a fan configuration similar to this.
  5. B+W G3 hackintosh

    There is also one major shift in this project. I am going Air-cooled. the concept of this case is quite fine. It is just that it doesn't have fan holes, and that is why i went about watercooling it. but i gave it another evaluation and came to the conculsion that it could be aircooled also. the watercooling bits will find other homes in a future computer, but i am going about adapting the case for air cooling. I have cut fan holes in the bottom of the case. and installed a low-profile cpu cooler. the twin 80mm fans will suck air in and i will install a 120mm blower (centrifugal) fan to push air out of the rear air vents HDD's will be repositioned to stack vertically behind the power switch and speaker (above the new intake fans for cooling) and finally i have found a supplier of powersupplies that custom wire their supplies to a 500watt PSU with 80mm fan. it took a little bit of searching but i have them suppling me with a quote that will be done in a week.
  6. B+W G3 hackintosh

    A few seasons have passed, and the system has gone through a few changes. One biggie was the damage i did to the mobo in previous adaptations. With it finally becoming a hassle, i ordered a new board of similar character. A gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2, this one is great because i get to use the old Q6600 cpu and i can upgrade to DDR3 ram (which is so cheap right now). but, While i waited for the board and ram to arrive i got to work on the case. what i hadn't told anyone was that the last coat of paint was a waste of time as it soon cracked and pealed off. so i sand blasted it and got to work with a better coat of laquer. the new paint is a single flat grey i mixed myself and it really looks much better than the two-tone i was going for last time. It is one bulletproof coat, let me tell you!
  7. G4 case mod - internal speaker?

    i have been thinking some more about this problem and have come about a different solution. if you are a mac fan you might remember the harmon kardon speakers that apple sold over a number of years. there main selling point was that they were driven by a single usb plug. and while researching i came a across a similar cheaper solution that you may be interested in. i have been searching deal extreme alot recently and found a usb speaker set that could drive the internal speaker through an internal usb port. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/usb-sound-card-decoding-mp3-music-speaker-51336 the idea would be to take the speaker apart and rewire it so that it drives through the apple speaker(no point making a mount for any other) and is wired to one of the internal usb points. the PCB can be mounted any where else. but it would be high quality audio and could be a proper solution.
  8. G4 case mod - internal speaker?

    i have put some thought into this and want to use it also. but don't plug the 2watt apple speaker into the motherboard. it will blow the speaker amplifier which is only rated for .5 watt. you could find a cheap pc speaker. they are common as mud and the sound is terrible but it won't cause any issues. or if you have heard the sound from the apple speaker and know how good it is . then look for a small amplifier. i found one on dealextreme.com, it was a 3watt stereo intergrated amp and it died due to bad wiring but you can still find better if you look hard enough.
  9. B+W G3 hackintosh

    now the rebuild begins you can see the black hardware used to hold the plastic sheilding on. take a look at the noise proofing and the brand new micro-ATX back-panel bracket holding on the mobo I/O panel.
  10. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    cable arrived today!! thank you very much for such a decent service.
  11. 1st Generation G3 Hackintosh...

    do it like, sk1nheads!
  12. 1st Generation G3 Hackintosh...

    you can see from my post on B&W G3 hackitosh that i have done this mod but i think you will struggle to fit a mobo that takes the i7 processor and 9gb of ram. with mine i based the machine arround the smallest mobo i could find, the G41M ES2L, which thankfully housed the 775 socket which took the dual core and quad core cpus. but it sure can't house 9gb of ram. to say the least it is all about size with the case you are talking about. i suggest getting an extreme dual core to fit a small micro atx. but it would have to be the G41M ES2L or similar if ti is going to fit the case without taking out the disc drive. once you get something to fit it will be a question of how you cool it. there sure aren't any fan holes. i had to watercool. but i suggest you start with a lower power processor to keep it real. then go with some artfully placed fans like seen in the post from the rest the mods+clocking thread. question: do you have those components already or are they fantasy parts. because with this case i would be looking for a setup with much lower specs.
  13. B+W G3 hackintosh

    i have started a new rebuild of the case. with a new coat of paint and a scrub down of the plastic. i just seemed to be the way to go. at the same time i have adapted the case to accept a new slot and back-panel mounting. off of an old micro-ATX case I had spare. it makes for a smaller air gap and didn't take too much time or effort. a few pixs should show you the way i have gone with this. i also have ordered a set of soundproofing adhesive foam sheets to block out the sound of the water pump. also an assorted bag of replacement countersunk bolts to replace the bolts it came with. you will see them later. gone is the plastic latching panel. it didn't work very well anymore and only held up the left-hand side, the steel latch is perfectly fine once you remove the return spring. All of this is going to revamp the interior and hopefully extend its life.
  14. G3 Case Compatible Motherboards

    sure but a full size discdrive is still the way to go if you can. i think any sata drive has a chance with these two boards. i have a samsung writemaster one thing about the board i have is, it would not hold an overclock, with my q6600. others have said so too.
  15. B+W G3 hackintosh

    a recent power-supply scare sent me the opportunity to redesign the layout of my res and pump. common hydraulic knowledge says that a noisy pump is caused by aeration. aeration is often caused by too little pressure and that is remedied by raising the reserviour to a suitable height. this case has the perfect loft for the resivour to go in, so i have gone to work on it. with such an improvement i found myself looking for newer additions and find a few ideas for dressing it up a bit.