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  1. I'd like to know more about the process. Are you able to run graphics with QE and CI enabled? What method did you use to install it?
  2. I'm not sure, but in my experience the only way to upgrade/change processors on this machine is to upgrade the hardware then reinstall osx86 from scratch. Otherwise it has never worked for me. Give it a try and see how it works!
  3. Windows-style taskbar.

    Yes, I'm sure that there are many people who would rather have the windows interface. There have been studies that show more people can work more efficiently under windows xp than either osx or vista. That said, if someone wants more stability, security, or just to use software like FCS2, more power to them and let them keep the easier to navigate taskbar. I found this link by searching for an app exactly like this, and there were many other osx users who wanted the same thing.
  4. My xw8400 is going great, with only one problem. I cannot get final cut pro to launch. It keeps unexpectedly closing after i click "ok" to it not finding a DV deck. Any suggestions of what to try? I am using FCS2 which worked find on my xw8200 with the leo4all disc install. It's not the audio which is the problem and all the hardware should be fine. I'm using an maudio USB audio controller. And avid media composer launches and runs great on this setup. I'm using the JAS 10.5.4 disc.
  5. First off I’ll give my system specs. It’s an HP xw8200. It has dual em64t xeon 3.2 processors. 4 gb ram, nvidia cards (tried various tested and working with JAS and included NVkush). Here’s my situation. I have tried both JAS 10.5.4 and Leo4All v.3. With Leo4all version 3 I had no problems except that the nvinject settings on the install disc don’t work. And I cannot get nvkush to work after the fact. Everything works including recognizing both processors at 3.2ghz, I tried to install NVkush after the fact but can’t seem to figure out how to get it working. I have followed a few different directions but they don’t seem very thorough. Can someone outline how to install NVkush properly since I know it works since it works on the JAS 10.5.4 disc? It would be great if someone could assume I don’t know much about this at all, with editing kexts and layout the steps for me simply, that would really be awesome. Another question on the same computer but a different problem: My Jas 10.5.4 disc will install and the graphic adapter works great with the Nvkush selected. I have used it with a quadro fx3500 fx1500 and GeForce 7200GS with no problems at all. At all resolutions and with CI and QE fully. The problems is that when I install it on the computer (tried all smbios options) and only 1 processor is recognized. Sometimes I can get the proper core speed, 3.2ghz, but never both processors with the JAS disc. If anyone knows how or can point me to a thread explaining how to fix this that would be great. BTW when I install this same disc on my xw8400 (2x dual core xeon 3.0ghz) it works just fine with all 4 cores recognized when I use smbios “mac pro”. Any suggestions?
  6. I have had this same problem on my computer also (an HP xw8200) with the kalyway 10.5.2. I get stuck on the same "could not validate the contents of the 'iTunes' package error. I have successfully installed JAS 10.5.4 however it only recognizes 1 of my processors. I have also installed Leo4All 10.5.2 and both processors are recognized properly but my nvidia graphics card is no longer supported, and i have nad no luck getting nvkush to work (which is what works on the JAS dvd install just fine). BTW i have tried a few different burns of the kalyway disc on different types of discs and different speeds, no luck .
  7. hey all, i have done it, here is what i've gotten so far. I can't figure out how to update the wiki so maybe someone else can post this info for all. • Install method: JaS OSx86 10.5.4 Client Server Intel SSE2 SSE3 • CPU: 2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.0ghz (model # 5160) both CPUs working, all 4 cores. (Recognized under profiler when use “Mac Pro” Smbios on JAS dvd) • Board: (?) xw8400 board • RAM: 4gb (4x1gb) All working at correct speed. • Audio: NOT WORKING • Video: 2 pciE cards in triple monitor mode Quadro FX3500 and Quadro FX1400 both working with QE and CI fully (used NVKUSH on JAS dvd) • LAN: NOT WORKING • SAS (serial attached scsi): system installed on this controller on a 15k rpm drive. • Optical Drive: IDE and SATA (under sas controller) working • SATA: NOT WORKING however, sata drives work on SAS controller • Firewire: working • USB: working • Keyboard/Mouse: HP usb mouse/keyboard working • Install notes: installed on MBR formatted drive. kernel – intel.. sleep, Chipset – SAS, Video – NVKUSH, network – NONE, sound – all, device ID – nvidia 6 + 7, SMBIOS – mac pro, cleanup.
  8. ATI Radeon Xpress 1270?

    I am trying to get OSX on a gateway m-1617 which is an AMD X2 1.9ghz, with teh same 1270 graphics card. I've tried iDeneb, Kalyway, Jas, iatkos and have not gotten any to even install. I'll keep trying. let me kwno if you make any headway.
  9. I have gotten farther. I did what you suggested and changed my storage options, sata emulation to "seperate IDE controller". But now i get an error of not being able to complete installation right at the end. Something about itunes failing. There are some other options in the bios but i have not tried all of them yet. Do any of these ring a bell? OS power management, runtime power management, idle power savings, acpi s3 (support, hard disk reset, ps2 mouse wake up), ub wake on device insertion. Then there's hardware power management with Sata Power Savings. Any other ideas? BTW i'm trying Kalyway 10.5.2
  10. I have tried to get it going on my xw8400 with no luck. The install halts on "still waiting for root device" when I use my SATA dvd drive. Then i switch the DVD to the IDE dvd drive adn it loads, but no sata HDDs show up. I don't want to have to install on an IDE drive but maybe i have to... Do you have it installed on SATA or IDE?
  11. Awesome, i'll give it a shot and try to remember to report back with my success. Are you running FCP on your xw8400?
  12. What version of osx are you guys installing on the xw8400? I have the same computer and am thinking about giving it a shot too.
  13. I'm so happy with Tubgirl's OSX 10.4.8!

    Does this AGP card support QE and SSE3? Howe well does FCP run? I'm looking for a card or installation workaround to get FCP running on my PC. I only have AGP, no pciE. thanks!
  14. The older version may not be the issue actually. I have the 945GM. I cannot get resolutions over 1024x768 either. The strange part is when I plug in an external monitor i get options all the way up to 1600 with it. It's the notebook monitor that won't give me higher res... I believe the GM means it is the mobile (i'm on a laptop as i assume you are.) Kelvin is probably on a desktop. Let me know if you figure it out, i'm still trying everything i can!
  15. Me too, anyone know how to do this?