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  1. You can also use coconut battery to display your battery percentage on your menu bar.....just another option. My t460 is running flawlessly now.
  2. Yes, I am on the latest ACPIBatteryManager from your new kext pack. The battery percentage is working now after dragging the battery icon out of the menu bar and re-adding it on the System Preferences.....just wanted to throw this glitch with my system in case anyone else faces the same problem. Is displayport supposed to be working? So far, I've only gotten the HDMI to work. Never mind, I got it to work now! I just went ahead and followed the DSDT/SSDT steps again and now it is working. thank you for all your help!!!!
  3. By any chance does anyone know how to fix the Displayport? Currently only able to use HDMI but would be useful to be able to use both, if possible. Also, after upgrading to High Sierra, my battery % wasn't displaying correctly on the menu bar. I had to remove it by holding cmd key and then dragging the icon out....just in case someone comes upon the same issue!
  4. I can't get my typecover keyboard to work. any ideas? any chance you can upload the EFI folder again? Google isn't letting me download it because "it has a virus" ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-wemM1jdciWOHoyQnlfdXJESmM/view?usp=sharing
  5. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    I would very much appreciate if you can share how you fix the issue or an updated kext. I've had to use the trackpad as a mouse only.
  6. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    Hi Ulysse31, By any change have you worked on this kext lately? I would love to help you debug the kext for my Dell XPS 12.
  7. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    Hi Ulysse31, This is great news! Please let me know when you have a chance to build the new kext for me to test. Thank you very much for your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    Hello Ulysse31, First of all thank you very much for your work on the cypress trackpad. I have the same problem as pppgghhgg where the cursor will just start jumping and then freeze, I have tried all the versions available of your kexts to no avail. I have made sure that all PS2 related kexts were deleted. Can you please help me to get my Dell XPS 12 9Q23 trackpad working with at least two finger scrolling please? Please let me know what info you need from me. Thank you in advance.