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    Hi - from yet another Newbie! Aged (some would say antique!) human being who got hooked on computer technology just before the very 1st IBM PCs hit the world. Was there at the very start of the micro-computer revolution when there was a vast array of new I.T. hardware platforms, OS's, and software revolutions hitting the shops almost monthly - they were days of pure joy for the enthusiast. Now, after 20+ years of working in I.T. principally as as techie and retailer, I find myself here - searching for clues as to how to make my trusty old Windows PC shed it's skin. I want it to be reborn as a Mac but at the moment I think there's more chance of it killing me through stress as I grapple with an environment that's as alien to me as Marxist ideology. I'd like to get there in the end, hopefully before I start pushing up daisies! Know any budding mentors?