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  1. 6850 fan control?

    Thanks for the link, I may indeed go through with it, because the card is in now, and by far louder than the rest of my system...
  2. 6850 fan control?

    Don't actually have the card yet (waiting for the UPS truck to pull up...), but I read from other users of this card that it defaults to 50% speed, and ramps up from there - but that the 50% usage is overkill for idiling/light use, and can be set down to ~20%...
  3. 6850 fan control?

    So I have a nice 6850 on it's way to me (Gigabyte OC'd model)... wondering if there's a way to adjust the fans? Most of the time I'm using osx86, I'm not playing games, so I'd like to have the fans running slow, and then I can crank them up when I switch to Windows for some Steam games...
  4. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Fixed it; this happened when rebooting after a KP during 10.7.2 installation. Restored my HD to a CCC backup of 10.7.0, ran the 10.7.2 combo updater from that 10.7.0 in safe mode, success that time; all I had to do to boot in was remove ACP from the graphics kext, and drop in my old AppleHDA and now everything works except for iCloud; working on that one now...
  5. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    10.7.0 was working fine, combo updated to 10.7.2, removed the ACP kext from the graphics, updated to the current chameleon 2.1 svn, no matter what I keep hanging on this screen... Any advice?
  6. Clear SSD before cloning

    Thanks guys!
  7. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Okay, it took alot of effort, but I now have had great success! I had to use a Chameleon RC5 installer package on both my USB stick and on the HD I installed Lion to before running Kakewalk on them; if I just installed Kakewalk on by itself, my computer would hang at in the BIOS after the bit about "Verifying DMI pool data....." Other than that hiccup, it worked great - full video, network, and sound on my EX58UD4P/8800GT - and without strings for the first time ever! Thanks mrjanek!
  8. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    No luck for me; when trying to boot off the USB stick I created, it never loads the bootloader... If I try to boot the kakewalk partition using the bootloader I have on my main drive (Chameleon R4 I think), it will reset my computer after loading all the kexts. Mobo is a EX58UD4P, I have set my BIOS as the instructions say...
  9. Clear SSD before cloning

    So I'm working on installing a fresh start with Lion right now to a USB drive... After it's working, I'd like to "reset" my SSD; it's an Intel G2, and I haven't ever had Trim on it before... How do I zero out (or one out) the drive for optimal performance before using CCC to move my Lion installation home?
  10. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Thanks for the app! This will be my first attempt at installing Lion on my machine... Haven't had to mess with anything hackintosh since I got my machine running perfectly 2 years ago, so it's nice to see an easy app for jumping back in... Couple of questions: 1) This is a vanilla install, right? Not like the old kalyway or iDeneb distros? 2) Does it work if you create a HD partition instead of USB stick?
  11. Syslog swelling to gigs, killing computer

    How does one do that?
  12. Ever since the 10.6.5 update, my computer will periodically (once every 24 hours or so) go to hell; my RAM will become full because syslogd starts taking up several gigs, and the system.log file grows until my computer has no free space left at all... 10GB or so!! This last time I took a screenshot of the log (which took 20 minutes because the computer was so unresponsive!), this message repeats thousands and thousands of times:
  13. Seemed to be a smooth update... just deleted SleepEnabler (and my mkext), installed from Software Update... Sound, gfx, ethernet... everything's working EDIT - I'm using 32 bit mode.
  14. Protools HD 8.0.3, HD2 PCI, X58 topic

    Hey forch, Your post is a few months old now... Have you been running it smoothly this whole time? Do you think it's stable enough to depend on making a living with? I'm seriously considering moving from a BLA 002 to a HD2 system with Aurora converters, and opening a studio... Being able to buy cheap PCI cards would help make it financially feasible for me.
  15. UAD-2 Solo card flashing red/green on OSx86 - help!

    Yes, sorry, my mistake. The card works fine in 32 bit mode, not 64 bit... I thought I was in 64 bit mode once and it was working, but I was in fact in 32 bit mode... Sorry for any confusion!