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  1. Hello! I just finished my last build, which is a small ITX one. As my little daughter always played the power and reset buttons on my older case, i decided to sell mainboard and case, and get me some mini-ITX stuff. Therefore is did quite a long research, as i wanted to have a very small case, which also looks a bit Apple-like - in case of materials. I instantly felt in love with the Raijintek Metis, which is a super cheap full-aluminium case. I added the following components: Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI (flashed with Ozmosis) CPU: Intel i5-4460 CPU cooler: Alpenföhn Brocken Eco GPU: internal Intel HD 4600 Memory: G.Skill 2x 8 GB Power supply: BeQuiet e9 480w modular Wifi-card: TP-Link TP-WDN3800 Bluetooth: Gmyle Micro SSD for OSX: Samsung Evo 850 - 256GB SSD for Windows: Adata S510 - 120GB The build took some time, as there is not much of space inside. Good thing is, that you could remove top and bottom parts as well as the side parts. The system is running really quiet and surprisingly also quite cool - i had read several guys which where complaining about massive temperature problems. For me, the crucial part was to change the fans to suck air in, only the power supplys fan is now used as an outtake. I never thought that this would be enough, but i´m running with low temperatures for such as small case. Ok, long story short - here are the pictures ;-) I hope you like my build, please feel free to ask questions and stuff. Please forgive my english, as it is not my native language - thanks :-)
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    Simple & silent mini-ITX system

    Too bad this is not my system, just found it :-)
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    Simple & silent mini-ITX system

    This is how it looks with a corsair h60 fitted: I really like the look, nur i'm scared that the system would be louder then it is now...
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    Simple & silent mini-ITX system

    Update: Received the Arctic Accelero Mono Plus GPU fan replacement kit today, and just finished with the built: As this boy is so huge, i needed to take everything apart again, else i would not have been able to get the completed card back into his place. I´m pretty happy with the results, everything is super silent now. Only when the fan goes over 55%, i can hear the air rushing. Else it is completely quit, just as i like it. Here are some before/after temperatures after 10 minutes of Furmark GPU stress-test: stock cooling unit: max. 71°C (ccc, max. 43% fan-speed, auto-mode) arctic mono, open case: max. 47°C (ccc, max. 33% fan-speed, auto-mode) arctic mono, closed case: max. 61°C (ccc, max. 39% fan-speed, auto-mode) I´m thinking about getting some holes into the top of the case, so that it could suck in more air. Right now there is only one thumb room above the fan, maybe not enough.
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    Simple & silent mini-ITX system

    small update: i added a small GTX 750 TI (from Palit), so that i could finally finish GTA V the card is super short and runs without external power connection, but i don't like the fan noise. I will replace the whole cooling with an arctic accelero mono plus soon, in order to keep everything cool and silent again. CPU temperature went up by 2°C (approx. 35°F) which is ok for me. here are some pictures from the inside:
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    Simple & silent mini-ITX system

    Thanks for your comment. My GeekBench Score is 3139 in Single-Core and 9917 on Multi-Core, which seems to be ok for my system!?