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  1. what about 10.6.4? anyone tried updating?
  2. i recently build a hackintosh with gigabytes ep45-ud3lr (about 70 €), works perfectly
  3. Hi, im running mac os x 10.6.2 on my pc (see specs below), and lately upgraded my graphicscard (was 8800 gts). since then im experiencing massive problems with flickering screen after sleep->wakeup or sometimes just after hours of running os x, sometimes even just after reboot. however it does happen everytime after waking up. only temporary solution is to keep rebooting until its gone. the flickering itself is very irregular and its NOT shaking image or shortly turning black, but the screen shows a very short "white noise image" like no reception on an analogue tv. as far as i can tell it only happens on my main screen, but not on my tv (which is hooked via dvi->hdmi to the second dvi port), and even with the tv unplugged or tv and main screen switched. i used this http://stellarola.tumblr.com/post/23846198...-update-ud3p-v3 package to install, but i had to disable graphicsenabler in chameleon and use a custom efi string to get my graphics card properly working (with just graphicsenabler everything seems to be working too, including QE etc, but everything especially every gui animation(like spaces, expose etc) is incredibly slow, using a efi string fixed that (but probably is responsible for the flickering screen?) pc specs: gigabyte ep45-ud3p (rev 1.1, bios f9) core 2 quad 9550 8 gb ram rocketraid 2640x1 pcie raid card belkin firewire 800 pci card (i think its belkin) geforce gtx 260
  4. dslocal files

    im not sure, if i understand the whole concept behind directory services and dslocal, but last week i had a very annoying problem with my leopard installation: every time i tried to add directories to file sharing (either in the pref pane or via "get info" in finder) coreservicesd crashed and i had to force a reboot. i deleted every preference file for which it's relevant for file sharing or networking in general, but i couldn't get this fixed. so i thought, time to give snow leopard a shot, installed it and transferred my files from my timemachine backup, but then the problem persisted, so this time i went deeper and found that /var/db/dslocal/..../SharePoints.plist was corrupt, i restored this file from an older timemachine backup and i finally could use filesharing again! great success. but then i started thinking... whatever smashed this sharepoints.plist could have smashed other files in dslocal, because, i think the underlying problem was a corrupt file system on my old leopard installation. so, is there any possibility to check dslocal for consistency? is it safe to delete the whole directory and let it get rebuilt by mac os x, OR, replace it with an older version from my backup disk?
  5. Am I going to have freeze ups?

    im running 10.5.5 on my quad core hackintosh with 8gb of ram and i havent had any kernel panics yet. ever!
  6. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    hey guys i need quick help, i always get sth like "kext was not installed properly", i dont know what to do, im quite new to this. ive tried repairing permissions and deleting extensions.kext etcwell i managed to get past this "not properly" message, problem was, the user i was working with had no passwd, and so all this sudo stuff didnt really work . i simply tried those files from zedian and now i get some really weird graphical output after startup, how can i revert, boot into safe mode or sth like this? (quick help via icq maybe? 50738635, someone?)
  7. hey guys, anyone of you have 10.4.10 with p5w dh working? 10.4.9 works fine, but the 10.4.10 kernel seems to have problems with my sata controller/drives. i have the controller configured as raid, because my vista drive is a raid 0 array, so no chance to change that. im running osx on a seperate (non-raid) drive.