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  1. This is a Soundflower issue. I had the same thing with Yosemite. the only way I got soundflowerbed is to install 1.66 then install 2.0beta 2
  2. Dragon546

    OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi all I just recently acquired E6500 with Nvidia 160M and CPU is a T9550 C2D. I would like to convert it from a Linux machine to a Hackintosh laptop. Since IM went down not all attachments are downloadable from this post any chance you guys can up them again? Also how do I find my motherboard ID? I have install media already just need to collect a set of kext that work with the E6500
  3. 10.10.2 I am also smbios MacPro 5,1
  4. I resolve my issue by installing 343.02.02b04
  5. I installed this but I now cannot switch to Nvidia Driver running Clover 3193. I used the default uninstaller from Nvidia to remove it. Then Installed Fantomas version still get the same problem labelling it incompatible. Also about this mac Graphics card thinks my card is a 256MB model......
  6. Have you tried Fantomas1 post of the modded driver. I am at work so I can only do it tonight post #222
  7. I ended up using the web drivers because my GTX650 started KP after my Yosemite install. After web drivers no KP.
  8. Just a heads up everyone the latest security patch 2015-003 renders latest 10.10.2 build of Nvidia drivers incompatible.
  9. Dragon546

    Few problems : Antiliasing and Sound

    For the web drivers your SMBIOS needs to be Mac Pro model. I followed this guide http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=276&page=3 to get my GTX 650 stable on 10.10.2 , The native drivers use to cause my install to Kernel Panic. One thing to note the latest drivers has no HDMI audio support
  10. Hi Mark welcome to the Forum as for the ##### if you have not already you might want to read this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/275941-very-important-please-read-about-tonymacx86-and-iatkos-m/
  11. Try here http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=276&page=3
  12. Dragon546

    New Nvidia Retail Driver Install Solution

    Hi Rampage I am using the clover setup and the GTX650 runs on the native drivers. My smbios is 14,2 imac would I be able to run the web drivers? I currently have an issue with XBMC crashing and it is linked with nvidiaOpengl . Many Thanks Tom Forgot OS is 10.9.4
  13. So Finally with the help of Stehor and many other community members. This issue has been resolved. I run a 9 series GA board and I had emuvariable.efi and partitiondxe.efi installed. I ran clover again and during setup I unchecked these options. Installed Clover r2905 and rebooted the KP had gone.
  14. Bump can anyone help with this?