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  1. Cryptic Clues

    Will Leopard work on theses specs?

    No idea about iMovie ... never needed it ... but the are kracks floating around that remove the processor limitation anagram: oiddemon
  2. Cryptic Clues

    Will Leopard work on theses specs?

    Well seeing that I'm running it on a: G4 GigaBit 450DP 1 Gig RAM 9700 pro ... and I have Core Image hardware supported (i.e. transparent MenuBar) and Quartz Extreme supported, I would say yes. BTW - it runs slightly faster than Tiger
  3. Cryptic Clues

    iTunes Scrollbars

    It's been done already ... look here http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16782387
  4. Cryptic Clues

    Install Leopard on a PM G4 Dual 500MHz

    Cough Cough ... this is what I posted on another board earlier Ok so by now you should all know that Leopard can be burned onto a single layer DVD So while you are removing all the install packages in System/Installation/Packages you can also remove/delete OSInstall.mpkg and replace it with this file http://www.divshare.com/download/2513077-6d8 Now burn your DVD and install the "New Cat" on your old faithful Graphite (or Silver) workhorse
  5. Cryptic Clues

    Mac OS Leopard Requirements

    I have tried the new cat v559 on a 450DP - 9700pro - 1gig Ram - 120 + 80 HD's and there was no problems whatsoever or any noticeable speed difference over Tiger You have to use a modified OSInstall.mpkg
  6. Cryptic Clues

    Is there a secret GUI in Leopard?

    I think you are the one with no sense What the whole point is ... "Will the GUI have consistent Aqua or iTunes type scroll bars (an option of either would be nice) rather than having a mixture of the two different types as in Tiger at moment."
  7. Cryptic Clues

    Is there a secret GUI in Leopard?

    If you can remember that from the screen shots of the "developer releases" of Tiger everyone thought that it (Tiger) was going to be released with blue corners/ends (LH and RH segments) on the MenuBar. So I hope you are correct
  8. Cryptic Clues

    Greatest Mac in History

    The G3/233 iMac (Bondi Blue) shipped with OS 8.1 (I still have the original install discs) but I think you will find for 1998 it was very powerful.
  9. Cryptic Clues

    Leopard release date leak on Apple's website

    So "The date was the clue" What year ? It's an OLD advert for Tiger
  10. Cryptic Clues

    Leopard release date leak on Apple's website

    WOW they are releasing TIGER ... hang on WTF have I been using for the last 2 years or so
  11. Cryptic Clues

    PowerPC Macs vs Intel Macs Discussion

    I use PPC at home and on the road (Ti PowerBook ... still going strong) and XP whenever I am in the Office. The main app (work wise) is MS Word for reports and other(s) and I find Office 2004 far more easy to use ... mind you I have been using Word/Excel since version 5 on a IIci (System 7) in the early 90's, that was when WordPerfect was the main PC WP app. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking 86 it's just I prefer to use PPC
  12. Cryptic Clues

    PowerPC Macs vs Intel Macs Discussion

    Well said ARMAGEDDON Apple actually ported Jaguar (10.2) in 2003 to run on an AMD chip ... try a Google for Marklar
  13. Cryptic Clues

    Greatest Mac in History

    It was not one for the "transition from 68K to PPC" it was three ... Namely 6100, 7100 and 8100 Are you taking the Confirmed you are taking the p!ss I take it you were not not using a Mac circa 68/PPC era because it was a nightmare with with the fat files (support for both platforms ... like Universal these days) which finally ended with OS8.5
  14. Cryptic Clues

    What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW ?

    Banana's MAN (the band) - Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day (the album ... the original LP)
  15. Cryptic Clues

    Leopard Gold Master in 5 days?

    Here is the original photogragh ... and NO I have not got a clue of a. where is the Torrent b. will it run on PPC c. what are the minimum specs