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  1. Hi thanks a lot for the missing details. Basically i was still trying with only dmg... so just boot Mav with the iso,, and Voila. all run fine. I need to check further, but after the vmtools installed it's look slower. Anyway Thanks again
  2. Hi first thanks for all the details and great work on that project. I might perhaps had a small problem in regards of the version or process to do the install... I'm over esxi5.5u1, using the esxi windows client, I cannot boot directly on maverick 10.9 dmg, as i got the apple logo out because of the check... I've install the unlock 1.3 and have a scratchdisk label as .locker on my datastore, being an SSD. What I've found is I install OsX Lion without any problem. Do all the software update, enable vnc logging and install the VMtools patched. All is ok. But if I boot again on the Maverick dmg directly, with vmware boot option, it still not boot on. I try to change the boot option during the loading of Lion, but I can't got it. Supposed to be apple+C. See in esxi as Windows keyboard button+c. So was it possible to install the update offline ? Or i need to create an Apple id and re download maverick and install it live from Lion ? Thanks -My sys: Intel VT-d enable, VM as osx10.7, VM machine ver.8, 2Vcpu, hdd 40gb thick eager, net100 inet, 2gb ram, esxi 5.5u1 full fresh inst