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  1. Boot fixed: Now to drivers

    Ok, so everything is working now, except my PC card slot. I use a AT&T laptop connect card, and would really like to get it working. The software works fine, just not the card slot.
  2. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Ok, so I got everything working for the video card now. Wifi and eathernet are also working. The only thing I am having problems with now is the PCMCIA slot. Anyone know of any driver for it?
  3. half screen on first boot?

    I am still a newbie here too, but I would be sure that you are not installing the wrong video packages.
  4. Boot fixed: Now to drivers

    Ok, I am just lost in the sea of ATI. I had to go back and reinstall a min ago, so I ask. What is the simplest and easy way to get the x300 mobility pci-express working on my lappy?
  5. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Ok, I am just awash with all of the information about getting the video card (x300 mobility 128mb) to work. I already bricked the OS once though my own ineptitude. I am reading about someone getting the drivers from this "all in one" package. What is that. I also tried downloading the x300 packages from the Spanish thread and just made things worse (I used ATI_x300_C006.pkg) by booting into a black screen. I won't even pretend to understand half of the instructions in the readme for the koverg-patch9700-v0.2.tgz. I entered "sudo ./patch9700.sh 54 60" after extracting the folder to the desktop and the command just came back with an error. I hate to sound like such a noob here, but I am just lost as to where to go next. I installed 10.4.9. I would like to get full video support working here and any hand-holding you chaps could provide to me would be appreciated.
  6. Boot fixed: Now to drivers

    Ok, I took your advice and got a newer version. It is booting into OS X great. The only problems are, I need to have the dvd in to boot into it (I assume it is just an issue that needs a bootloader) and a buch of the devices will not work. I am going to give the ATI thing a try, but my WiFi, PCMCIA slot, and Ethernet are not working. I will do a bit more research on my end, but any advice you all can give would be appreciated.
  7. Sys spec: Dell Inspiron 6000, Intel 2.0ghz proc (SSE2), Radeon x300, 2gb Ram. 100gb HD To prep I blew away my partition tables and setup 2 45gb partitions. I installed OSx86 10.4.6 native with the options for Intel/AMD. The installation goes off without a hitch, it just takes a wile (45min). It reboots after the installation and shows the little boot post. It seems to hang when it is displaying the kernel information. I let it sit for about 15 min and nothing. It will not advance past that step. http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/8411/img00073fp2.jpg Here is a picture of where it is stuck. Sorry about the quality, all I have available to me at the moment is a cruddy camera phone. Another thing, I need the DVD in the drive in order to get that far. I was looking into a boot loader, but I just wanted to get this working first.