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  1. Hi NG The macman patched PXHCD.kext (USB3) breaks the sleep on my ASUS P8Z68-V Pro. I have tried several versions of this kext und also patched IOUSBFamily.kext with no success. Is there a solution for that? The rest works perfect on 10.7.3 Thanx
  2. P8Z68-V-LE Got it now nearly... Found the BIOS mod to get it work with native AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement. I guess speedstep is working Found patch for USB3 Found VoodooHDA to get sound. But I can't get the {censored} thing to sleep...... I goes to to sleep an ssst, sssst ,ssst tries to start again and fails. No log no nothing. I have the following messages ** AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get acpi path for provider. But I have that on a other machine under 10.6.8 too an it sleeps perfect. Any hints? Thanx
  3. Can't we collect these steps for the mayor brands and boards? I still have the the P8Z68-V LE. It has a ALC892. For what exactly do I need the dsdt - HDEF-device? The chipset runs without a dsdt. Is there a board that can do audio and sleep without those modifications? In the 10.7.2 HCL somebody stated that the Asus Maximus IV Gene-z most things work OB, but I don't believe it. Do you mean that the four steps are needed for *all* boards having a series-6 chipset? What I want to say is, if there is a board out there, that only needs one patch less I would buy it. Thanx and best re-book
  4. Hi NG, is there anybody having a 10.7.2 hackintosh with series 6 chipset where sound and sleep is working (near) vanilla? I have tested now tow boards, P8Z68-V and ZAP68-D3 with no success. I have tested perhaps two days on each and I don't want to waste my time with it (hunting perl bytes or dsdt hacks). I guess it is the same situation like when 10.4.6 came out and it was a big step. It took a long time before people understood what really was going on with EFI-Boot e.t.c. So what changed this time? Can someone explain me what makes 10.6.8 and 10.7.2 so different? Also the chameleon bootloader seems to be outdated. Most modern disks have 4K-bocks and I was not able to boot from them. Can we expect some efforts in the near future? Whats going on? My Best re-book
  5. Hi finally got sleep to work. I had to change the RAM-Modules against other brand. Additionally I had to boot with BOOT-DFE CDROM without dsdt patching. I did compile a new dsdt.aml for 4 GB RAM. Now sleep is working perfect again. solved - re-book
  6. Hi What I found now is that you have to run the dsdt-patcher again, when you change from < 3GB to > 3 GB RAM. If you don't do so it will hang with "IOAPIC version 0x20 vectors 64:87". Also, i found with file-merge 11 differences in the dsdt.aml if I compare both cases. BOOT_DFE was not affected by the amount of RAM. The option of "Memory Remaping" in the BIOS of the P5B Premium has no effect for OSX. re-book
  7. What driver do you use? If you use NVkush or similar you should change to EFI-String method. re-book
  8. I use vanilla. I get the same messages: --------------------------------------------- Jun 14 11:04:25 hack-o-macII kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out Jun 14 11:04:25 hack-o-macII kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::getCPU_PSSData - _PSS evaluation failed -------------------------------------------- I have a P5B Premium (ICH 8R board). Sleep works fine, even under 10.5.7 unless I don't put more than 2 GB in. As mentioned in this thread: <http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=141769&st=560> you could try to replace AppleUSBEHCI.kext or better edit the one you have in extra to become a version higher than 3.2.3 . I also tried that, but on my board it makes no difference. re-book
  9. Do you use vanilla or voodoo kernel now? re-book
  10. It makes a difference. Just try it. Normally all the resources are mapped to the memory area over 3 GB. That is also the reason you often can't get more than 3GB with Windows. On my machine with 2GB the the sleep works perfect and with 4 GB it does not. Just try it. re-book
  11. Hi Folks Is there a way to get sleep working with more than 3 GB RAM. My install is fresh from DVD 10.5.6 (Retail) used Chameleon RC1 and dsdt-patcher. I using EFI-String for my 7600 GT and only a view patched kext (AppleAzalia, JMicron, AppleYukon2). With 2 GB RAM my ASUS P5B Premium is mostly working fine. The sleep an wakeup is working perfect. If I put more RAM in, the sleep is broken and leads to a unusable state. I guess it has something to do with feature we call "memory remapping", which puts all the resource related information above the amount of the installed RAM. Is there a way to overcome this? Thanx re-book
  12. I'm facing the same problem. Did you try with 2 GB RAM. re-book
  13. re-book

    LeoX86 installation with intel Mac

    Hm, is not working for me. I get only a blinking cursor. Whats wrong? Thanx - re-book
  14. Hi Folks, I have a MacBook Pro here but i can't keep it. But I could use it to install Leo from a retail DVD to a external (USB) disk. Is there a way to patch this installation so that it will run on my PC? What would be the right way? Install Ledopard , install EFI_V8, replace kext with the kext from /leopatch. Which kernel would be the best. Thanx re-book
  15. re-book

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Middleman, AD1981HD is no AC97 codec. Your guide will not work! re-book