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  1. L_A_S_E_R

    Dell Inspiron 1525 No Hdmi :(

    Intel 965 Express
  2. Specs : Core 2 duo t5450 2gb ram 160gb All works well except HDMI any ideas?
  3. What does whitelist mean?
  4. If not then I need to buy half size right? How do I tell if it's half or full? I looked at a pinned topic with a table with the compatible cards which are colour coded. Will the dark green ones work straight out of the box (without any kexts)
  5. I done some searching and apparently a Dell 1390 Will do the trick
  6. Anyone know how to get this baby working?
  7. YES! Works!!!!! Thanks bro! I have some wifi problems ill create another topic for! Thanks man
  8. What you said worked! however, when i restart, i get a screen which asks me for a username and password, what's my username? If i make one up and use the password created earlier, it remains on that little turning thing
  9. Ok ill give it a go and let you know!
  10. Ok, it says reset password was not recognised
  11. So when I boot up, I should select terminal from the toolbar at the top? The commands such as cp aren't recognized though :/
  12. Yeah it is, if I press command + q it asks me if I want to quit. Also, is the solution you posted supposed to be done in the disk utility in the installation screen? IF so, if says Sudo and cp are not commands
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn't work also!
  14. So i've successfully installed Lion 10.7 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 intel core 2 duo t5450 1.66ghz and 2gb ram using this tutorial.https://sites.google.com/site/nozyczek/home/hackintosh/how-to-install-lion-10-7-0-on-dell-inspiron-1525 I've installed it but when rebooting using the USB i used i get this: http://q3uzta.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p9GUmtpz70npjMrcAVnf1mZLNiqOgYxBDe-OrG3oJXdx5AubbAV8N8Wmxr7X46_7F0cOAZaMUxAZBi0KUNvMU9w/14012009159.jpg I've tried to get into the /System/Library/coreservices/contents/info.plist but it doesn't exist and a keyboard isn't an option. Any advice?