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  1. Someone told me it may be the problem of HD4000 graphic problem. How to solve it?
  2. Full Hardware Details: x550.htm
  3. Sorry Artur-pt, Actuallly I have no ideas what to do. Can you suggest some. Tks
  4. I can't boot up. Error for -v as shown
  5. iAtkos M's Files inside the USB. What files should I manipulate so that I can boot from Clover? iAtkos M.pdf
  6. Dear All, I restored iAtkos M via Transmac to USB and can boot up via Clover. Then I selected from Clover the iAtkos M, the Apple logo white screen appeared. Since then nothing happened and the screen stop with the above white apple screen. It seemed that the Clover can't linked up with the iAtkos. What can I do? Thank you very much for all of your help.
  7. iATKOS M

    iATKOS M Problems ?? A Little Help please !! I have lost US$10 !! Re iATKOS M (Mavericks) in getting "iAtkos M", http://iatkos.me/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=49567. I have made donation of US$10 on 16 Aug 2014 (about 8 days ago) to Ufuk Durgun" uphuck@yahoo.com via Paypal. However, I reported to the responsible person "Ufuk Durgun" uphuck@yahoo.com with my donation ID and the hardware report at once. He gave me the torrent of the iAtkos M within a day's time. I can't download his iAtkos M using the torrent file he gave me. Despite of that, I told him the problem day by day via emails, I only get no reply. I lost US$10 !! Can anyone gave me a little help, please ? Thank you very body!!