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  1. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    To "Backup Kexts" Do I simply copy them to a folder and copy them back when I'm done?
  2. I've installed Leopard on my setup multiple times. I recently killed my install with a 10.5.2 update attempt and I managed to reinstall but I screwed something up again so I went for another install and now I can't make it work anymore. I was using cheap DVD's, I bought a verbatim DVDRW and it didn't work, then I bought a sony which I figured had to work and it still doesn't work. When I try to boot from the DVD it hangs on the apple logo screen with the stop symbol showing up and never leaving. I even bought a nice dvd burner and that didn't help. I downloaded a new iso and that didn't help. Could it have something to do with me trying to reinstall without wiping the hard drive? I didn't want to get rid of my windows install.
  3. Good DVD-RW brands

    I just bought a Verbatim 4x DVD-RW because I was sick of creating coasters and it doesn't seem to work for installation, I thought Verbatim was a good brand but this seems to tell me otherwise. What brand should I have bought?
  4. I've got 2 sata hard drives and I'm thinking about getting a sata dvd burner but I don't know if Leopard can handle it. I have a Gigabyte DS3L running in AHCI mode, EFI/MBR installation.
  5. I got back into OSX after the install. I installed my audio stuff and on reboot the vid card drivers had dissappeared and the kalyway settings(background and stuff) are back and it wont' let me install to all users those same drivers and changes that went away. It also doesn't make progress trying to verify permissions which I tried as troubleshooting. What did I screw up?
  6. Could you post some steps on how you restored successfully? I have kalyway efi+mbr.
  7. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    Lol ya I just forgot to post up success here. Sorry.
  8. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    I followed your directions exactly and it does not work. I dont' get what's wrong.
  9. Kalyway 10.5.2 update broke my install?

    Help? SHould I just wait for the 10.5.2 complete install to come out?
  10. I ran the package and on reboot it goes from the grey screen to a black screen and hangs there indefinitely. I thought the kalway patch worked? Do I have to do a fresh install now?
  11. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    I made an intel driver floppy and it gives me an error when I try to do the F6 install. I need some help here guys lol.
  12. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    If I have AHCI mode I can run OSX but not windows. I am running all SATA drives. I just need to get windows working with it and I'll be all set. I'd straight up do a fresh install but I don't know where to get the proper AHCI driver for F6 installation
  13. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    I don't want to limit ram since I can get away with using it all with AHCI, i want to get windows to work with AHCI.
  14. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    Ok i'm in windows in last known config. How do you want to send me those files?
  15. 4GB possible on gigabyte ds3l?

    Will that nullify the changes I made to the registry? I'll def try your files assuming they're not viruses lol. Edit: I can no longer reboot or shutdown successfully. Is this an effect of AHCI?