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  1. Did you fix permissions after following Glitchman's steps and editing both NVDAResman.kext and NVDAN50HAL.kext ?
  2. Wow! After trying dsdt, and every enabler known to man, my MSI Twin Frozr GTS 250 finally works. However, your nvidia kexts didn't work with my card. In order to get the kexts to load I had to add my device id into the info plist inside nvdaresman.kext and nvdanv50hal.kext. My card is not a 9800GT, so my results are different, and as you can see from my screenshot the chipset model is listed as Unknown (not that I care since Starcraft 2 works and that was my test). In addition, the screenshot below shows that I have a VGA display attached even though I do not. The only monitor that is attached to my system is my HannsG HH281. I arranged the second screen in the best place so that my cursor has the least chance of being lost. I am really curious how this VGA display is forced. Please let us know how you were finally able to get it working so that further hacks are possible. Thank you!
  3. New AGPGart

    Hi Slice, This is the output of my windowserver.log Dec 19 04:33:04 [109] Server is starting up Dec 19 04:33:08 [109] CGXMappedDisplayStart: Unit 0: no display alias property Dec 19 04:33:08 [109] CGXMappedDisplayStart: Unit 1: no display alias property Dec 19 04:33:08 [109] Accel caps: 00000003 Dec 19 04:33:08 [109] Accel caps: 00000003 Dec 19 04:33:22 [109] CGXPerformInitialDisplayConfiguration Dec 19 04:33:22 [109] Display 0x2b385a50: MappedDisplay Unit 0; Vendor 0x10ac Model 0xe000 S/N 808475217; online enabled (0,0)[1280 x 1024], base addr 0x3008000 Dec 19 04:33:22 [109] Display 0x2b384785: MappedDisplay Unit 1; Vendor 0x10ac Model 0xe003 S/N 808863556; online enabled (1280,0)[1280 x 1024], base addr 0x3008000 It doesnt seem out of the ordinary to me. I tried to find something in the logs that could help you and the only thing I could find out of the ordinary was this line in my system.log its repeated about 50 times Dec 19 04:33:22 eric-rezns-computer kernel[0]: Graphics chip error! Restarted. And let me explain what happens in detail once my system boots with the agpgart: the system boots and then when it looks like its about to start up both screens turn blue then after a little while the left screen turns black(right one stays blue) and the mouse cursor appears and I can move it around and from one screen to the other. Hope this helps somehow
  4. New AGPGart

    Really appreciate the hard work you have done on this project. Tried 2.49 and Tiger boots to blue screen Here are some logs dmesgRezn.txt ioregRezn.txt