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  1. About this Mac just start crashing again

    Just upgraded to toh leopard and about this mac is still crashing does anyone have any new suggestions?
  2. About this Mac just start crashing again

    Ok. About this mac is working ok until I click more options. Then it crashes when opening system profiler. I can open system profiler on its own just fine.
  3. I have been using 10.4.8Jas for about two months. I have both the 10.4.4 loginwindow and the applebios.kext or whatever it is installed. Everything was working great until a few days ago when the problem started again. I tried reinstalling both and still crashing. Any ideas?
  4. Just wanted to say thanks. I had to read a few times before I actually registered the part about selecting 6 channel. Now it works great.
  5. Installing login window from jas installer dvd fixed the about this mac crash.
  6. I fixed the problem with this http://www.necnet.de/krass.man/Installers/...0Installer.html but now about this mac does not work. Any suggestions or should I start a new thread?
  7. I did not know where to put this so if it needs moved sorry. When I move a window or scroll up/down in a window such as safari it smears. It goes away if I minimize and then remaximize. It seems to go away after using expose as well. I have a 6600gt and have used the stock jas 10.4.8 and have tried the titan .kext they both do the same. I have searched and searched with no answers. I read somewhere that it was a known bug but that was months ago and would like to know if there is a fix. Thanks in advance.