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  1. need to add some check for family 17h in the 15/16h cache setup
  2. Hi, I have A HP Pavilion Slimline s3720y (Nforce 630i/MCP73, Pentium E5200) and I am booting retail Lion from USB. The computer's internal hard drive is IDE and there is NO option to enable AHCI, nor a replacement bios. (This is by no means my first hackintosh, just a spare PC) I am using Chameleon 2.3 svn r2716 by installing it onto another usb with a real macbook then plugging both in and booting the install esd I have put AppleNforceATA.kext from this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303792-applenforceata-104-sata-dvd-fix/in /Extra/Extensions. I have checked that ioreg (from within the installer) shows PCI 10de:07f0 device (nVidia Corporation MCP73 IDE controller) and that it says matched (i.e. a kext is using it). It even has 0x07f010de in the info.plist of the kext! But there are no messages at all, even error messages, in dmesg. Just no hard drives show. Doing kextload once booted seems to succeed but there are STILL no messages. What is going on? Some people have needed to boot with npci=0x2000 but that shouldn't matter if the PCI device is detected...right? I attached my extra folder here Extra.zip EDIT: apparently that id is in the plist but blacklisted in code in the kext! gonna recompile & post it