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  1. Mac OSx86 wont boot in VMware

    that's when the virtual machine doesn find something to boot from and then goes on to start with a PXE boot (boot over LAN) and neither finds a DNS service nor any ftp connection to boot from
  2. HP compaq nc6320: 10.4.4 works. 10.4.8 (either semthex or mifki, JAS combo-DVD) shows kernel panic. stops at IONetworkingFamily.kext after failing to load AppleUSBeHCI and AppleUSBUHCI. Any idea what to do?
  3. Universal Requests?

    please someone recode a psx-emulator like PCSX or Flarestorm2. sources are available!
  4. rewritten and extended finder to include - easy move (instead of copy) feature - improved multi-select function - more viewing options - resizable 3pane-view - show-all-checkbox - don't spotlight this folder/archive checkbox ... improved print... dialog: - tabs instead of pulldown-menues - booklet printing - print selection only ... faster kernel + extensions read/write NTFS, FAt32 & other FS improved virtualizing for guestOS (incl. 3D-Grafx + HID(Joystick ...)-Acccess) improved safari (cookies-problem, identification of browser-type ...) extended touchscreen-support clean removal procedure for applications (deleting all entries from library etc.) improved language awareness - only preferred systemlanguage (and english) will be installed/updated in any application faster import for digicam fotos create .dmg/.iso-files function when rightclicking on any mounted volume (that is not copy protected) suspend to flash (incl. USB-Memory and iPod nano) sync to USB-memory
  5. what the hack currently does (my assumption, sorry if I'm wrong): 1. It comes with a kernel derived from darwin (un-TPM-ed) 2. it modifies every call to the TPM chip so that the calling code gets a "everything fine" in return. I thought it would be more flexibel if MacOS would accept ANY TPM Chip. So less code needs to be modified. It's so litte difference between a standard mobo w/ TPM and a Apple mobo. Anyone with deep knowledge in TPM over here. P.S.: Currently only the kernel and ATSserver are TPM-ed/encrypted. Is that right? Throughout the code or only on a certain point? Does the TPM-thing slow down the execution?
  6. I'd expect they grab them from the same prdouction line like any other boardmaker. So each chip has it's own identifier* - but the installer/kernel can't know what's a TPM-chip on Apple branded hardware and what's not. Do you believe that all "Apple TPM chips" have something in common that tells the installer/kernel "good board!"? Where's the trick? * Just like every ethernet card has it's specific "MAC adress" ...
  7. given I had a intel Motherboard with GMA950, TPM, EFI and so on. Why can't I just use a Mac Mini or Macbook Restore CD to setup a proper working system where the TPM-chip acts like the one in the mac mini or Macbook? Maybe I need to clone the Macs EFI bios first? Any idea?
  8. when I want to change something in network control panel or if I want to open the network folder in "about this mac > more info" both crash. any idea why? Running 10.4.4. current setup works (PCI realtek card, DHCP via router). onoard marvell yukon and serial port disabled in bios and no driver for yukon in the ionetworking drivers ...
  9. Any Unreal Tournament games working?

    running the plain old "UT" on a Celeron2,6G SSE3 on 10.4.4. it's almost perfect.
  10. Skype works on 10.4.4 without problems!

    I use a usb quickcam pro 3000 as a mic. works!
  11. SkyPE?

    it works flawlessly (but very slow) with 10.4.4/maxxusv1.0 (SSE3 capable CPU)
  12. Marvell Support Effort

    I get an authorization error owner of the yukon related files is wrong. I chowned and ran the disk utility to repair the rights (didn't find anything wrong with these files) but still doesnt load because of wrong access rights. during all the efforts and rebootings I had the yukon port blinking and was successfully pinging my router but then it was dead again. please provide instructions in what order i have to do what exactly (I was away from unix CLI for over 10 years now).
  13. Marvell Support Effort

    i've got the intel d915gev with yukon 88E8050. but the kext given doesnt work. i checked the plist and the id is included. followed the instructions but after booting up the os says it couldnt load the driver because of an error... running 10.4.3 ..009... native. any ideas? might it be because I manually edited a plist so that the OS says it was 10.4.4 ?
  14. iLife 06, iWork 06

    correct: if you have problems with imovie try reinstalling quicktime. although stated otherwise the free download at apple.com is 7.0.4 universal binary! for me it solved the "loading thumnails" problems as well as cllip preview & play issues. now everything (not tested iDVD) runs perfect on native 1099 (changed the values in teh plist to 10.4.4 an 1165-release) with a intel915gev SSE3 system (besides sound input though onboard sound).
  15. Universal Requests?

    delicious library will be unibin within a month or so!! Cinema 4D will follow soon. as well as iEmulator other unibins available: quark Xpress 7 beta, Cocktail 3.7, MacStammbaum 4.2.6, LittleSnitch 1.2.2, LaunchBar 4.1b3, IPNetTuner 1.5c1, Synchronize Pro X 5.0b2, Dilo 1.0rc1 und Xfolders 1.0b2, boinx iStopmotion 1.9, boinx FotoMagico 1.5, BBEdit, MarsEdit1.1, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniDiskSweeper, OmniObjectMeter, and OmniDictionary, wibiki, fetch5, google maps plugin 2.3, display eater 1.5.1, audio express 1.0, little snitch 1.2.2, graphic converter x 5.7.5, check http://www.versiontracker.com/macintel/ this out!