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    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Drats! I was hoping this card might support 4x VGA via DVI>VGA and DP>VGA. sounds like only two are going to work under OS X. Have you tried Graphics Enabler on NO? or changing the bios setting to 8x PCI-e? I'm interested in this card, but only for 4up monitor support. and also as a second GPU.
  2. Just a quick answer to your questions. 1. the letters are a strange way to name the version of the bios. instead of 3.0 or whatever FA is used. Check the boot screen when you turn on the machine. You might have to turn off the full screen preview to see this. 2. I doubt you need special drivers for HDMI, if your cards works, but I'm not sure on this one. 3. Many people, including myself have successfully updated to 10.6.8 on this mobo.
  3. Thanks Maleorderbride for the info. Bummer about ICH 10R not being real hardware. I figured I might need a hardware raid controller for cross platform. However, how is it that OSX can boot with the motherboard RAID? Is it possible to use the Mobo software raid instead of OSX software RAID? The reason I ask is because the MOBO offers RAID 5 and OSX can only achive RAID 0 or 1. Even if its not Cross OS compatible, MOBO raid would serve me better then OSX RAID. Just to be clear, I'm not interested in installing OSX on the raid, just using it withing OSX. I can live without win 7
  4. Has anyone tried to setup a RAID drive with the BIOS? When I use the raid setup utility in the BIOS OSX does not recognize the two drives as one. I can setup a software raid in OSX but then the drive is not visible in Win7 (I have mac drive installed, I can see other mac partitions). I'd like to have RAID controlled by the BIOS so I can get a true RAID 5 setup, instead of just 0 or 1 (that is all osx software raid will allow). Thanks in advance.
  5. Anyone know if Kakewalk fully supports the GA-X58A-UD3R Rev. 2.0 motherboard? I hear there are lots of issues and kext workaround need, as discussed on this support thread. Is it worth finding an old Revision 1.0 of the x58a motherboard? does it not suffer from the same install issue?
  6. I am very interested in buy a GA-X58A-UD3R board. I'm concerned about the Rev. 2.0 due to all the kext installs. Does the Rev 1.0 board work completely "out of the box" so to speak with the Kakewalk installer? The thread on the forum says its supports the X58A-UD3R motherboard. I assume perhaps only for the 1.0 version? can anyone confirm that 1.0 boards do not have any audio or ethernet issues with this installer?
  7. I have been searching the forums doing some research for my first Hackintosh build, and I am can't seem to decide what motherboard is going to be best for a SL 10.6.4 build. I really would like to jump on baord the new X58 motherboards so that I use the new 1366 type processors like an i7-930. I hear that using the kakewalk method is best method for that setup. However the EX58 series of Motherboards by Gigabyte seems to be gone on New Egg and the newer X58A series have taken their place. The GA-X58A-UD3R seems like a great Mobo but I hear the 2.0 revision has many problem with audio and Ethernet with the install as discussed here. I'd prefer not to do so many Kext installs since they may get modified with an OS update. I want to be as vanilla as possible. I can't confirm that original 1.0 boards don't have these issues, but that seems to be the case. Anyone know if that is indeed true? there seem to be some differences discussed here and here that seem to affect hacktoshes more so due to driver issues. I guess the Kakewalk install method was for the 1.0 board, but I can't confirm. I could go for a tried and true P55 mobo like the GA-P55A-UD4P however that would mean staying with the older LGA1156 cpu socket and therefor a slower CPU like the i7-860. perhaps a small price to pay for a easier install process, but i'd really like to build a computer that is going to last, and is upgradable to 6 core cpus in the future. The price would be around the same for either setup. some pro advice would be much appreciated. Thank.
  8. I hear there are issues with x58 boards and some Power supplies. The main thing is NOT use a Corsair or Seasonic PSU check out these thread: http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php/topic,1426.0.html http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php/topic,2257.0.html