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  1. Ok well real quick here.. My Macbook Pro seams to hate writing DVDs so I couldnt get anything to burn correctly. Plus the DVD drive on the Dell is slow and not worth waiting around for. Instead I hooked up an external IDE to USB drive. Installed IPC 10.5.6 right from Leopard onto the USB drive then swapped it over to the Dell and BAM good to go! This took about 10minutes to install when using just the ISO file mounted right on Leopard. No screwing around with booting the DVD or waiting for it to install to the hard drive. The only thing here though is this. I didnt get the Ichx chipset kexts installed since I thought I had a good set on another DVD. So instead of having to mess with installing them again I just used Pacifist and installed it right to the USB drive. It took care of the "device root error" thing at first boot.... Keep in mind that It is not 100% yet. This dell has a 845G video which makes the screen almost unreadable in B&W so I need to pick up a PCI card soon. I also didnt test the sound or USB. Not bad for a free Dell 4500 a $16 dollar 20" AOC LCD.. If anyone has any thoughts about what to do about Video then just let me know. Any PCI card will do just as long as I know I can see something on it in color haha
  2. I'm trying to get a Dimension 4500S working and my Macbook Pro superdrive is freaking out on me with the laser error. So Ive been trying to load the required files off of JaS 10.5.4 with Pacifist but it will not boot! It just gives me a blank screen with the DOS courser I blessed the system and made sure to set it as MBR when formatting it in DU... I'm kinda at a loose of where to go here? any help would be kick ass! As I know there are a lot of noobs on here that never get responded two haha