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  1. Got the same problem with the identical device.
  2. Hi, I took some time and tried the PlatformIds provided in the Hackintool. The 0x3E9B0007 went through a smooth boot, but ended in a black screen. Maybe that's an success.. Like booted but sent the signal to the wrong port ? Tried an HDMI monitor but nothing.
  3. Is there some tool at windows to check them out ? Looked with Aida but wasn't that successful. Checking with OSX is probably bad, since I inject a wrong one. Thanks for the quick response. according to the intel site its Device ID is 0x3E9B
  4. Thank You for the quick reply. It nicely runs to this point now. Above text looks like the graphics got recognised. I took out nv_disable 1 and played around with the device IDs and was able to boot. No acceleration after 1billion error messages but it started. So maybe the wrong IDs
  5. Hi MaLd0n, I haven't been that successful with the Laptop install yet. It mostly gives me some boot error, scrolls through, not like a kernel error. Probably related to the graphics. Since im struggling with patching that Intel 630 / i7 9750H. Ive attached another send me file. Reading from the Forums Framebuffer patching guide it should be the laptop version 0x3EA50009. Ive been in Hackintoshing some time but, haven't dipped my toe in the newer patching stuff, thus would greatly appreciate more help. The device needs the DVMT pre alloc 32mb as well, since windows starts messing up, when I change that value in bios. Getting that graphics running would be my main goal, Networking I do with a dongle and ethernet for now and audio, trackpad is another fight for later. Kind regards, thanks for the help. btw. running on Mojave for now. Gen 8: Coffee Lake (Intel UHD Graphics 630)- S/L/E/AppleIntelCFLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext- Support started with macOS 10.13.6 (17G2112) / 10.14 beta 4 (18A336e)- device-id: 0x3E9B 0x3EA5 0x3EA6 0x3E92 0x3E91 0x3E98- AAPL,ig-platform-id (desktop): 0x3EA50000 (default), 0x3E9B0007 (recommended)- AAPL,ig-platform-id (laptop): 0x3EA50009 (default) Send me blacks-MBP2.zip
  6. Hi MaLd0n, after helping me with my main Rig I got me a Razor Blade 15 2019 laptop. I know we can't get the RTX2070 to work (neither standard wifi, got me a dongle for that, till I buy a network card, its a shame that the intel wifi isn't supported yet), but Id love to have a running OSX with the CPUs Intel graphics. So far I could get it running and made a file with your Run Me app. It would be lovely if you could take a look at it. Ive added to your beer bank as usual. Send me Blacks-MacBook-Pro.zip
  7. Send me pads-iMac-2.zip Hi I thought it is time to check on whether everything is still in check or could be optimised. I've upped your beer can a little. It would be lovely if you could take a look. Ive added the newest Send me after updating clover and high Sierra, plus F4 at boot screen. As usual Still rocking on High Sierra i7 7700k @5100mhz GA Z270-UD5 Corsair 16gig 3000MHz EVGA GTX1070 FTW Airport Card OSX on NVME Thank you very much.
  8. Thanks mate. Yes it is super annoying, that there isn't a driver yet. Using this Clover with high Sierra till there is. Runs super smooth. I will be back and report how it runs Mojave when a driver drops. Installed Mojave to a spare disk, just to have a look. Despite missing acceleration it seemed good as well.
  9. Hi, it would be epic if you could update my clover for Mojave. Thanks in advance and have a beer on me. Send me pads-iMac.zip
  10. Grazie Mille!! Feels great and seriously quick. Ill report tomorrow after working with it properly. Thank you.
  11. Send me Boosts-iMac-DSDT03.zip Well I got my external hard drive at the USB C / Thunderbolt Port. It runs, regarding speed I have to test. Thank you for the fast support.
  12. Send me Boosts-iMac-DSDT02.zip Hi here is the DSDT02 version. Thank you very much.
  13. Hi MaLd0n, it would be epic if you could take another look at my files. I had some random restarts in the running system recently, reinstalled osx 10.13.5 from the scratch and then the restarts appeared after a few days again.. Today I updated some of the kext files and now it runs good so far. But having you take a look would be epic.. p.s. just donated some to your beer supply Have a great weekend. Z270-UD5 i7 7700K @5.1 ghz GTX1070 16Gig Ram Apple wifi card BCM43xx Mostly SSDs Using a HDD Raid on the Thunderbolt Send me Boosts-iMac.zip
  14. Here the RunMe file with the replaced DSDT Rezipped it with Keka to 7z since for some reason I cant upload anything above 2mb .. Thanks for the help. Send me Boosts-iMac.7z