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    KWS! I wanted to donwload the auto sleep scripts. I noticed that all the links are broken! Please correct it. Thank you, Norbert
  2. I would like to ask a question from you: Is the brightness control work with hackintosh? I would like to buy a led cinema display 27 for my hackintosh mashine (gigabyte ep45-ud3lr + snow 10.6.4 kakewalk). I am planning to buy an ati 5650 card with display port, and in this way you don't need to buy expensive coverter box, a displayport to minidisplayport should be enough. However I am not 100% sure of this procedure. Is there anybody in the insanely mac community who can tell: hackintosh + ati 5xxxx with displayport can drive apple led cinema display 2x over displayport to minidisplayport cable????
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    LED Cinema Display (24 flat panel)

    I am having similar issue with the wired apple alu keyboard is connected to my gigabyte ep45-u3lr hackintosh rig. Whenever I started to boot with the keyboard connected to the mashine the bios turned hanged. Somehow this issued solved accidentally, I don't know exacltly but this issue has gone. I think this issue is because apple uses slighltly different mvoltage than standard non apple usb devices. I am thinking to buy cinema display 27 to my hackintosh, my question is regarding about that whether the brightness and other display settings which has to be controlled throuhg osx do they work when people connects apple cinema display to a hackintosh? I am also planning to buy a mid range ati 5770 graphic card with display port and planning to to connect the praphic card with a displayport to mini displayport adapter to the cinema display.